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What does Bitcoin present today? Is it up or down?

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The market pushed down. Most of the main strain currency turned red. The SUSHI kept strength. The BTC went down below the $32,000. From 1-hour chart, the MACD pushed down above the zero axis. The candles indicator volume increased. In the short term it had a callback to the resistance. Pay attention to the dips. Focus on the $31,000 support. Buy BTC3X dips.
[/size]The ETH went up. From 1-hour chart, the candles broke above the 2000. The trend went down. The MACD pushed down above the zero axis. It had weakness in the short term. Pay attention to buy dips. Focus on the 1900 support. Buy ETH3X dips.[/color]

I wonder how it will develop tomorrow though.

Nice bounce on BTC but I still think it will tread lower into the 20's before finishing 2021 close to $100k

Bitcoin rallied again and passed 40K after Amazon published a job ad about a “digital currency and block chain product lead”, who will have to monitor “how Amazon’s customers pay”.

I think up to 45k


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