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What is Bitcoin?

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What is Bitcoin?

Web definitions: A decentralised digital currency created in 2009; A client for the above currency.

Hello everyone, this is my new website about crypto news related. I know there are a lot of things need to be done to make the website better. However, I hope you guys can give me some feedbacks about it.

Crypto PlatinX Is A Virtual Asset Powered By The BNB (Binance) Blockchain Technology. It Is A Non-Fungible, But Transferrable Digital Asset Stored In A Smart Wallet Through A Smart Contract.

Nice post. Thanks!

I always watch this video everytime I forgot what bitcoin is. Nice post. Thanks!

antonio george:

a type of digital currency in which a record of transactions is maintained and new units of currency are generated by the computational solution of mathematical problems, and which operates independently of a central bank.


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