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What is Bitcoin?

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What is Bitcoin?

Web definitions: A decentralised digital currency created in 2009; A client for the above currency.

antonio george:

Hardware-based crypto wallets are also known as cold storage or cold wallets. (Wallets connected to the internet, in contrast, are called “hot wallets.”) “By design, hardware wallets make transacting more cumbersome as users must connect their device to the internet to sign an outgoing transaction,” says Przelozny.14-Jun-2021
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Oh, i saw this once. Very helpful video for those who don't know. But I think most people already know in our age.

Maybe here I will find out which crypto wallet is better to choose. No one will tell you which bitcoin wallet is best to register?

Patrick Jackson:
Bitcoin is the currency of the Internet: it is a distributed, international, decentralised digital money that is distributed and decentralised. Bitcoins, in contrast to traditional currencies such as the dollar, are issued and handled without the involvement of any central authority at all: there is no government, corporation, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. As a result, it is more resilient to high inflation and dishonest financial institutions. With Bitcoin, you have the ability to act as your own bank.

It is the best investment you are going to make but it requires proper knowledge to invest and trade in bitcoin. So, the best source for learning about bitcoin is MyCryptoParadise:

 Nice post. Thanks!


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