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What is Bitcoin?

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What is Bitcoin?

Web definitions: A decentralised digital currency created in 2009; A client for the above currency.

Great article!! Really nice insights. I think some people struggle with claiming bitcoin as a currency because it's not something that they can "hold." We can hold dollars and coins. Of course, the newest generation won't have any prob seeing btc as a currency since everything is digital to them as it is -- they don't know any different.

This virtual currency, designed in 2008 by a person with the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto to be taken anywhere, anytime, is uncontrolled by any banking system, send money to another country instead take many hours it will take a few moments. You can be exchanged for other currencies, or with the help of a special program to kick bitcoiny, need a good graphics card.
In short bitcoin currency is simply the most perfect building blocks of numbers and letters coded so that they can not break ;)

Awesome info thanks 8)

Nice information thank you.

Just so you know, bitcoin is a p2p coin. This is the first ever cryptocurrency in the history. No one can outlaw or regulate it, even government authorities because it is purely decentralized. As the latest virtual mode of payment, BTC has also wide arrays of usages in different industries. Bitcoin evolves so fast so always keep yourself updated! That's a helpful video, btw.


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