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What is your favorite #Bitcoin Slang?

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What is your favorite #Bitcoin Slang? Moon? HODL? Lambo?

Good Choice:
[size=0.875em][font=Söhne]An interesting slang term in the Bitcoin community is "satoshi" - the smallest unit of Bitcoin, equivalent to 0.00000001 BTC. [/font][/size]

Olson Carrol:
[size=0.875em][font=Söhne]"Rekt" is used to describe a state of failure or significant loss in Bitcoin trading or the crypto market. [/font][/size]

Gary Nelson:
[size=0.875em][font=Söhne]"FOMO" is an acronym for "Fear Of Missing Out" - the fear of missing out on a potential opportunity as the Bitcoin market rises. [/font][/size]

Ray Watkins:
[size=0.875em][font=Söhne]"Whale" is used to refer to individuals or entities holding a large amount of Bitcoin, capable of influencing market prices. [/font][/size]

Timothy Mitchell:
[size=0.875em][font=Söhne]"Bagholder" refers to investors who bought Bitcoin at high prices and are now holding devalued coins. [/font][/size]


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