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What Would Satoshi Nakamoto Do?

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This guy comes along. He creates something that will change the world. He disappears. Of course he disappears. That  makes all the sense in the world. This is stuff you read about or only see in films, but it's actually a reality in our world, TODAY.

It's obvious that the world is falling apart, financially. It's obvious that something HAS to give sooner or later.

The Internet has become one of the most (if not THE most) powerful force in the world today. The government cannot even control it, though they are trying their hardest.

Bitcoin is going up in value right now. Will this continue? Is it a trend? Is is the beginning of something that will possibly take over how we view money?

So, my question to ponder is what is Satoshi Nakamoto thinking today? After all, he probably predicted this because why else would he create bitcoin? I have a feeling that he knew something like this was going to happen.

What is the next step for bitcoin? Just how big will it get? Will it die off? Will SN finally come to the surface and grace us with his presence so to explain his insights on this phenomenon?

--- Quote ---So, my question to ponder is what is Satoshi Nakamoto thinking today?
--- End quote ---
Good question but I don't believe he will be here to reply. ;(
@gavinandresen and @AmirTaaki on youtube about Satoshi.

Interesting video. Haven't seen this one yet. It MUST be old. There's been plenty more specs about SN.

Paco Ahlgren is a name that keeps surfacing too. He disappeared shortly after his book, Discipline, was recognized as being parallel to the creation of bitcoin. I have been able to find a few of his blogs, but nothing recent.

Thoughts, rebuttals?
Any good link for "Paco"?


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