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while bitcoin is down, come get your 5% daily intrest on bitcoins and $$$



you can do it with Leancy.

so what is Leancy?

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specializes in IT industry investment management, including investing in startups as well as crowdfunding and fundraising projects.

LEANCY offers a unique opportunity to make money while helping innovative IT projects come alive!

Leancy is a HYIP(High Yield Investment Program)
on the internet has always been a risky deal. but with the introduction
of bitcoin, it also became easier.
Easier to get paid FAST!

How Does It Work:
Leancy - newbielink: [nonactive] works this way:
you put in at least 10USD (Money transfer or bitcoin) and it give you back 2-5 PRECENT PER DAY!
yes, per day!
untill it reaches an accrued celling of 50% profit/ at which point it sends the whole package investment + profit right back to you.
that only happens at the end of each cycle which lasts a month. or hen the 50% profit is reached. dont have to wait!
the money start to accumulate in your account from the second it get received. and you can watch it grow by the second on the site's dashboard! you can start withdrwing money from the first dollar accumulated!

* Earn 5% a day on your bitcoins[btc] or other deposits.
* Your investment matuers at 150% of its value ( but you can put it right back in for another round to earn 50% more interst)

* You can redeposit with interst whenever you want to let it compound.

* You can witgdraw your accued interst at any time, instantly!

* You can invest anywhere from 10$ to 200,000$ and of course from 0.01[btc] to 10000
*the more you invest the higher of a multiple you can get of the daily interest rate. so really you can get over 5%.

here is how it looks if you widthraw you deposit and reivest daily after 60 days starting 1000$ first invest (you can invest how many you want and in bitcoins) :
first 30 days:
30-60 days:

and here are just the last 2 days profit i Personlly have made :

tips for all users of what i did:
*After opning a Free Account: newbielink: [nonactive]
*i put in a small initial investment.
* withdraw our initial invesment and.
*left about the initial investment in our wallet. and sent the rest right back in to keep working for us.
*while keeping an eye on the invesment daily. we make sure we dont invest more then what we are willing to lose' and try to reimburse our initial investment on a periodic basis.
*KEEP SMILING!  :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

here is my warning. a site like this may not last long its been working for 2 months and may last 2 years but not for years to come. be safe. get your initial invesment out, and never put in money that you can not afford to lose![/b]

to read more you can check out leancy info page on facebook :https:// newbielink: [nonactive]

Whenever bitcoin's price drops, bitcoiner’s instinct is to sell them right away. But my two cents, it's better to hold them for a while first before you trade it. Remember, it's very unstable. Tomorrow might be another day of price increase.


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