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Author Topic: Why R-DEE, Radiologex A Blockchain SAAS Based Company in USA  (Read 91 times)

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Secure AuthenticationBecause security, authentication, and rapid access are foremost in R-DEE’s design­–and No IT platform whether client-side, cloud, or blockchain based is immune from data hacks and stolen or lost usernames and passwords - thus, Radiologex went above and BEYOND - partnering w Trusona, the pioneers in passwordless technology to deliver cutting-edge authentication and user verification technology on the most SECURE HEALTHCARE PLATFORM available. Usernames and Passwords are in the past, access your vital information quickly and seamlessly.

R-DEE does not rely on unsafe SMS or multiple-factor authentication. Its fast-boarding, passwordless account creation process renders usernames and passwords obsolete and optional only in cases where a device is inaccessible.
R-DEE authenticates its users through document data scan and verification service (AAMVA) with state-of-the-art anti-replay technology.
  • Multiple MFA capable.
  • No Tokens, means no loss of token device.
  • Consistent login UX in any channel.
  • Thwarts static credential replay.
  • Eliminates keyloggers and password reuse.
  • No Phishing, SIM swapping, or credential stuffing.
  • Radiologex, A Blockchain based company at USA California. #USAbasedcompany #BlockchainCompanyUSA


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