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Author Topic: Zetanet – Blockchain 5.0 For Internet 2.0  (Read 135 times)

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Zetanet – Blockchain 5.0 For Internet 2.0
« on: September 05, 2019, 11:18:08 PM »

When exploring the activities of the internet, you will discover a plethora of issues. Some of the biggest issues of the internet today are speed, security and much more. At the moment, the value of data keeps on expanding and growing into zetabyte. Experts and users are beginning to get worried about how the current internet protocol can answer the ongoing issues of data usage.

For these issues to remain solved, Skipjack intends to create an innovative internet protocol solution that works. Skipjack also plans to assist the present blockchain technologies to ameliorate the functionality of their network with the help of Zetanet.

What Is Zetanet?

Zetanet remains a new, creative, and productive internet solution from the hands of Skipjack. The revolutionary technology that operates Zetanet is created to handle future and current issues of data and the internet.

The Objectives Of Zetanet:

1. Create an upgraded version of the TCP/IP
2. The provision of reliable, efficient, and secure internet connection across the globe
3. Issues of data overload will be handled professionally

Common Internet Applications That Will Be Improved By Zetanet:

File retrieval protocols
File transfer protocol
Web browsing
Peer-to-peer networking

Zetanet And The Current Internet Protocol System:

The technology that operates Zetanet makes it different from any other internet protocol systems existing. One thing that remains evident is that the technology of Zetanet will not follow the existing IP address routing process.

The innovative solution of the platform will handle a gamut of protocols such as blockchain, UDP, TCP, and other existing in the transportation layer. With this initiative, all protocols will remain efficient and effective.

How The System Can Benefit People?

Getting rid of the need for a domain name resolver or DNS is one of the biggest advantages of using the Zetanet solution. While it can help to boost the integrity and security of data, the system also lowers latency requests. Zetanet can provide this effective solution due to its hashed-oriented naming process.

Identifying the nation or area where data is being used is another benefit of Zetanet. It can accomplish this task through an artificial intelligence medium called Feistel Core Network. The system can generate the same information of the data on the nearest node to the user’s area. It will help to retrieve data requests in an ephemeral of time.

Zetanet Is Future Of The World For Internet Security And Data Usage:

On each node, Zetanet can display its innovative indexing capabilities. With this process, it will become easier for every retrieval demand to capture the actual node keeping the hashed information.

Every detail on Zetanet remains hashed before storing to any node of a network when talking about security measures. It implies that any information on the network will be difficult to get corrupted. It will also be impossible to maliciously use data on the network or alter any information without the consent of the owner. With this simple explanation, Zetanet is listed among one of the best innovative and creative technologies in the industry.


The internet for many people is known as the World Wide Web. It is crucial to know that the internet goes beyond the World Wide Web. The truth is that certain protocols help to perfect the core tasks of the internet. Internet 2.0 or Zetanet help to provide similar performances with an innovative environment and excellent security.

Providing an efficient, reliable, fast, dependable internet security & encryption solution is one of the core objectives of Zetanet. The Zetanet blockchain 5.0 crowd sales has started on 1st September 2019.

All further information at:


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