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[Scam] ChangeHero and Exodus



Hi everyone, I want to share my experience as I have encountered fraud among cryptocurrency exchangers.

Namely ChangeHero and Exodus - two exchangers where scammers work. They cheated me out of $30,000, under the pretext that the money was found to be illegally earned!

I would have acknowledged this fact if they had the proofs of this, but alas, I bought this cryptocurrency with completely legal income, and to speak on the facts, I will enclose the proofs:

1.мошенничество-changehero-обменпродажапокупка-btc-⇄-eth-30-других-монет-247/ - ChangeHero
2. - ChangeHero
3.ненадежный-обменник-exodus/page/8/ - Exodus


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