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Author Topic: a bitcoin <-> cash trading service  (Read 30851 times)

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a bitcoin <-> cash trading service
« on: December 28, 2013, 01:39:44 AM »
Hello all,

 So I am trying to start a little service here, it seems as though there is no easy way to convert bit coins straight to cash or vice versa, without some sort of bank account, credit card, paypal or jumping through tons of hoops including identity verification and other things.
 So I am trying to start a service that will help us all convert bit coins to cold hard cash and vice versa hassle free. Basically I want to help people change their bit coins to cold hard cash or cash into bit coins for a small fee, 5.5% of the total transaction to be exact. That way you don’t have to jump through the hundred thousand hoops that it takes
In terms of converting bit coins to cash. You can send me the amount of bitcoins that you want converted into cash, rates will be based off of whatever the exchange rate is at that time. And then I can send you a money order , check, or cash through mail (which is the most anonymous but also is a bit risky, because once it is lost, it is lost.)
Also I am willing to convert your cash into bit coins, I will accept money orders, cash in mail, or checks and then send you the bit coins equal to that cash amount.
Again I charge a 5.5% fee. Remember there are small fees for things such as shipping and converting cash into bit coins which will be factored into the cost.
I am sort of new to this but I am trying to guarantee a relatively quick turnaround of 1-5 days max.
 Now of course I realize that this sounds like a relatively shady deal “you send me cash in the mail and hope to receive bit coins’ raises all of the red flags of a scam. But I aim to keep the service as anonymous as possible. Also I hope to build a reputation as a reputable service, I aim to provide the same service as localbitcoin, and others but without having to jump through all of the hoops they require. Also the use of an escrow service is fine, but be reminded that adds extra fees.
 My aim is to become the #1 quickest and most reliable avenue to converting cash to bit coins.
Also I would be interested in helping convert paypal account balances into cash / bit coins HOWEVER PayPal is known to close accounts and freeze funds so I would be willing to help on a case by case bases, but be aware that if the funds are frozen and I can’t get them back then, there is nothing I can do. But who knows what the chances of that are happening.
Please feel free to contact me at [nonactive]
To discuss details further.


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