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Author Topic: Bitcoin Trading-Maximize your Bitcoins with leverage  (Read 19482 times)

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Bitcoin Trading-Maximize your Bitcoins with leverage
« on: December 01, 2014, 10:08:34 AM »
 Leveraged Bitcoin trading will form the most major part of Bitcoin industry, if the Bitcoin has to rule the world. The volume is going to increase day by day and the current volatility coupled with the leverage will give a lethal opportunity for high frequency traders.
 the companies who offer leveraged trading are:

Atriol UK Limited
OK Coin

 Many more companies are there in the market who are offering the leverage.
 Those who are not familiar with leveraged trading: Leveraged trading is a process by which the broker gives you more trading exposure to benefit from the rising or falling market:
 For example: Atriol offer 8x leverage, which means, if you have one bitcoin invested, you will be able trade 8 bitcoins. If you bought and the market has to rise, you will gain from 8 bitcoins rather than your actual holding on 1 bitcoin. If you sell and the market falls, again, you will gain from 8 bitcoins.
 The flip side to leverage trading is that if the market goes against your holding position direction, you can loose your money much faster as you will be loosing for 8 bitcoins.
 There is lot more money to be made for traders, borkers, introducers and money managers.
 I will be more than happy share my knowledge in leveraged trading with anyone. feel free to post questions.


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