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Bitcoinica LP (In Liquidation) UPDATE 12/Feb/2013

Bitcoinica LP (In Liquidation) UPDATE 12/Feb/2013

--- Quote ---To All Investors

We have received a number of requests for updates on the liquidation of Bitcoinica LP (In Liquidation). As noted in my email of 20th December 2012, we have requested details of the account records held by Mt Gox.  To date, Mt Gox has refused to release these details on account of confidentiality and has requested that the Liquidators provide various details of the accounts before it releases this information.  As reported in the Liquidators first report, we do not have any company records whatsoever and are reliant upon the assistance of the limited partners and Mt Gox to take control of the bitcoins and cash assets.  We cannot make any progress in the liquidation unless Mt Gox provides us with access to Bitcoinica’s accounts.  We are currently awaiting information from the limited partners so that we can progress the account access issues with Mt Gox. We apologise for the slow progress in the liquidation, but hopefully the investors will appreciate that we are making every effort to recover the bitcoins and funds in order to make a distribution to creditors as soon as possible.  We will continue to provide updates periodically to keep all investors abreast of the liquidation progress.

Kind Regards

Taslim Bhamji

Senior Insolvency Administrator
PKF Corporate Recovery & Insolvency (Auckland) Limited
Level 3, 48 Courthouse Lane | PO Box 3678, Auckland 1140, New Zealand

--- End quote ---
Source: emailed to claimants.


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