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Hello everyone.

I would like to present a new Bitcoin exchange –   newbielink: [nonactive]

At the very  beginning the introduction has been supposed to be funny, but English is not our native language, so instead of searching the Internet for some proper jokes and convert a language so they would be related to Bitcoin, I will start from bitcurex's features that we have now, followed by what we are currently working on, to what we want to do in the future.
Some words of explanation has to be written. is based on former Polish Bitcoin exchange named It has been closed a some time ago and till now there weren’t any operators capable of handling the exchange
So now its back and its better than ever. New operator, new features, new name, but the same and perfect look.

What we have now:

   1.   Two separate markets PLN and EUR
   2.   SEPA and International deposits/withdrawals
   3.   No trading fees - for now
   4.   Bank charges as low as possible
   5.   English language support
   6.   Technical support 24/7
   7.   Trading API
   8.   Automatic EUR deposits
   9.   Live chat
   10.   Live statistics
        11. on

What is new?
   1.   BCC (Bitcurex Card) EUR (available, trough our site, for security reasons)
   2.   Fast ,1 -hour- top -free of charge withdrawals to BCC
   3.   Some annoying security features (described below)

What we are currently working on:

   1.   Adding site to - done
   2.   Implementing new markets – PLN will be available within 2 – 3 weeks
   3.   BCC – for PLN, USD, GBP markets
   4.   Target2 withdrawals and deposit system for EUR( withdrawals system similar to elixir,sorbnet, with the difference that in the European Union, EUR currency is available on the account after several minutes after issuing
   5.   Multi language support: Polish, Spanish

What we would like to do in the nearest future:
   1.   More markets USD, GBP
   2.   Multi language support: German, Suomi, French (more?)
   3.   24/7 Multilingual technical support (right now only English and Polish available)
   4.   Reduce bank charges to zero “0” for withdrawals and deposits. (negotiations with the bank will be needed in the future)
   5.   BCC issued by other card providers.
   6.   Other security features: SMS codes, Tokens,
   7.   BCC manager
   8.   Multilingual BCC Card-carrier support – now only English available
   9.   Other sites exchange ratios for specified currency – fully customizable

What I haven’t mentioned is security, We think that the security is essential to all exchanges. Apart from protection which you can find described at our web site, there are several annoying security features for users:
   1.   To be able to withdraw Bitcoins and/or fiat currency you will have to set (pre-define) bank account number along with all necessary data to perform wire transfer, and set your Bitcoin address to which the BTC will be sent after withdrawing.
   2.   To be able to change that you would have to have access to your e-mail account. So in case your password is stolen, no one will be able to steal your property stored at
   3.   You can lock your account to prevent any modification such as: password change, BTC address, bank account number etc.
   4.   You can generate API keys with locked function: ie. Buy or sell, cancel orders, withdrawals
   5.   E-mail notification, for every balance change, fulfilled offer etc. All notification are set by default, you can either choose to have some notification or non at all.
   6.   Counter of bad logins along with theirs IP, so You can see if there was attempt to log in your account.

You can read more about security at

And now.... may We present you the Bitcurex Card.

Its an easy choice when you want to quickly withdraw your money, or you can just sell your Bitcoins and give the card as a present.
The cards does not have any card holder name so it is an ideal gift, like gift cards, with the difference BCC can be loaded and use multiple times.
Normal withdrawals via wire transfers can take up to 10 days, with a massive charges for wire transfer.
BCC lets you withdraw any currency*, to your personal card in a matter of one hour. Nothing is as fast as Bitcoin but one hour is quite fast, for a fiat currency. There are no fees to withdraw to the cards from your account at
This card lets you pay with it or withdraw cash from ATM, anywhere you are in the WORLD. So if you are going on a vacation to foreign country, exchange your Bitcoins, get some cards, and you are ready to go. You can also use the card to pay via internet in any online shops.
*You can always pretend that this card is an new feature of BTC: “You just have to load the BTC to it and voilà, the system converts it to an appropriate currency and you are able to pay with BTC :D”, Imagine all these chick on the vacation that you will have to explain to.

BCC has got some limitations, and fees that we have no power over it. For detailed description go to → BCC tab, and Fees and Limits tab.

More detailed info about the BCC will be soon available at, and The site is not yet operating, we are waiting for the cards to be printed, but at the beginning only the EUR will be available.

When we open new markets, other BCC with USD, GBP and PLN currency will be available.

How does it work exactly? Each card comes with a card-carrier on which there is a reference number, and PIN in closed envelope. To be able to withdraw money from you would have to put the reference number in the bank account number field at, under your details tab.
And that is it, you can withdraw to it any time, during the day, night or even the weekends.

Last but not least. Welcome to, feel free to contact us any time, brows trough our content, ask any question you like.

Happy trading.


Best Regards -

The BCC cards will be available tomorrow at


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