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BitInstant welcomes Alex Waters to its NY team

BitInstant welcomes Alex Waters to its NY team 
(AuthorErik Voorhees Posted on DateTuesday, November 27, 2012 at 10:33PM)

--- Quote ---We’re very pleased to welcome Alex Waters to our team here in NY. Alex joins as a developer and QA specialist to help BitInstant build out more advanced software infrastructure in the US and globally.

If the name sounds familiar, it’s because Alex has developed for the Bitcoin dev team, working alongside Gavin and others.  Now we’ve stolen him!

As BitInstant continues to grow, we’re very fortunate to find such talent as Alex and we’re excited for the results of his hard work to start appearing in the Bitcoin ecosystem over the coming weeks and months.

The team now includes five full-time team members at our NY office (Charlie, Erik, Ira, Rachel, and Alex), Peter in New Jersey (part-time), Sir Gareth of Wales, Roger Ver (ie Bitcoin Jesus) in Tokyo, Patrick Murck as the Head of Legal Affairs in Seattle, and a couple other retained lawyers scattered around the US. 

Also, we're still looking for another talented developer in the NYC area (Python-focused) so if you know someone, please contact charlie@bitinstant. And there's more growth to come!
--- End quote ---


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