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Author Topic: Review [Buy & Sell Btc Quick & Safe]  (Read 2719 times)

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« on: March 29, 2015, 08:57:53 AM »
           I'd like to write this review to help inform other bitcoin buyers/sellers/users/etc. Do you find it agitating having to deal with an individual rather than a trusted site? There's a few different sites you may be able to buy & sell bitcoin, but none of them compare to my favorite bitcoin market website This is a very serious review and I just feel my fellow bitcoin users should know about this website. To begin, it doesn't jerk you around, asking dumb questions or requiring ridiculous information and/or documents.

 only requires that when attaching any kind of card, (maybe bank account & other options are different, but I don't know. I've never used those methods) When attaching any kind of card (Debit, Credit, etc.) you only have to upload a video of your face and your government issued ID to where they're readable. You then hold up the front and back of the card enough so that they can read the info and name. You are able to upload a video 2 ways that I saw; Use your webcam to record the video, or upload a video from your cellphone. It's alot quicker than it sounds.
       There are a good few ways you can deposit and withdraw funds. I took a screenshot of the homepage and also a screenshot of the different ways to do the deposit/withdraw and their rates. I'm sure there's bound to be other websites that have cheaper rates, but they make up for it in Customer Service. They have never let me down. I say this 100% truthfully. When depositing money to your wallet, you then use however much of the amount you deposited in USD and buy your bitcoin with the USD in your account.
          To close this worth-while review, I'd like to add a few last things. Once you've done your video and uploaded it, you can immediately speak to a live chat support agent. Simply ask them to
review your video and they will have your card/account/w/e you use) within I'd say about 5 minutes tops. That's mostly if they have a hard time seeing the ID Info as well as the Card Information.
Not only is the customer service quick to respond, your bitcoin will be in your wallet the moment you finish your btc purchase. You may then send it to your main wallet address or wherever you desire.
          A great perk of using is that they offer specials every once in a while. For example, I got an email from the allowing me to earn an easy $5 for a simple task. The tasks vary each time they offer money for tasks. Lastly, you get a free $15 for every person you refer and becomes active and actually uses the site. (Idk for sure, but I'm guessing you'd still get the $15 even if they only make 1 or 2 transactions with . You may read more about these types of offers on their website.

          Everyone has their own opinions about different sites, and some really hate specific ones also. This is just a review, so if you'd like to post trash or trolling the thread, just know it's immature. If you have a negative opinion about my review or the site I'm reviewing, I understand and you're free to have your own opinion.

I know I'm brand new here, and I hate that my second post is a website review, but I've seriously always constantly come across a ton of people either not knowing what sites to buy bitcoin or those who buy from individuals who sell it. I admit, I'm sure there's a lot of solo btc sellers that are legit and have decent prices, but is at least safe.

Try it out yourself. *Don't forget to use my referall link. It earns us each a free $5.* If you don't believe that part, look on the site yourself.
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