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Author Topic: [color=red][acronym=Unfortunately this term was censored due to coercive threats of violence made by representatives of this company.][censored][/acronym][/color] Bait and Switch & Reddit Shutdown  (Read 1533 times)

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I wanted to dip my toes into this whole Bitcoin thing, so I decided to open an account after getting a referral link.  TL/DR; [censored] scammed me and my referrer out of money and has made their subreddit private to try to cover it up.

Google doesn't forget, though.  Search Google cache: reddit [censored] referral bait and switch.

On September 29th I created a [censored] account using a referral link while their bonus program was for $75 to the referring party.  I immediately initiated a qualifying balance transfer from my bank and received a notice that my [censored] account should be funded the next week.  Of course, no referral bonus was paid out until the funds cleared my account – not a problem.  When the bonus was finally paid out however, I received $10 and the referrer received $10 as well.  Turns out they changed their referral program on the 30th.  That doesn't matter to me, though.  I accepted an offer on the 29th, they changed the bargain on the 30th and in turn are costing me money. 

They claim that they can change the terms of the program at any time.  Fine, you can change the terms for all future referrals, but you can’t unilaterally change the terms of a contract after the terms are agreed upon.  What’s next, they change the referral program terms to now claim ownership of my first-born?!

I feel scammed.  Govern yourself accordingly.


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