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Author Topic: Zero (0%) Trading Fee on Buy/Sell Bitcoins on  (Read 1076 times)

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More for less at CCEDK

Welcome from and our newly upgraded platform

We celebrate our newly launched upgrade of platform with lots of increased security features as well as special features for the benefit of the user, and we do this to begin with by offering a 0% trading fee on certain selected currency pairs which are




and FimK/BTC.

Buy or sell your Bitcoins with a 0% Trading Fee for a limited period of 3 months on the Danish Bitcoin Exchnage CCEDK

Trading history user and exchange: The old history of users and exchange will be fully listed next week, but has not been just yet, as lots of adjustments have been made in general after the upgrade, and we feel therefore confident enough to go out and say welcome once more.We have still a very small fee of 0,001% added in order to have the transactions listed on coinmarketcap, but feel it is so small not worth mentioning, but as long as there is a fee it can still be listed there which is definitely helpful when showing the increasing volumes and activity in general.

Apart from this campaign for the next 3 months, we have created a kind of ladder for reduced trading fees to be updated monthly, where the trading fees could end of being as low as 0.01% on both buy and sell side.We are also able to offer a special Commission Free Trading plan and best one is the Platinum one offering Commission Free Trading for a year on all of the more than 80 crypto currency pairs on CCEDK at a one time amount of only USD 99,00

You are very welcome, and looking forward to seeing you soon.

You are able to transfer EUR on the base of SEPA, and some of the EU countries like ES, IT, DE, AT, FR and in some cases even UK are able to transfer instantly with the OBT - Online Bank Transfer supported by Skrill Moneybooker.

All the best from CCEDK

Ronny Boesing CEO CCEDK / Crypto Coins Exchange Denmark ApS


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