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Hello Guys,
USD NINJA Is A Trusted Dollar Exchange Company. We Have The Best Rate For Any USD Dollar Exchange. We Can Exchange Dollars (USD) From US (USA) Banks To Crypto Currency. You Can Accept Crypto Currency Like Your Choice (BTC, ETH, USDT & Any Coin)
Message Telegram or WhatsApp To Exchange Dollars With Us. Exchange Dollars (USD) by Agreeing To Talk To Us About The Contract or Rate (Percentage) To Start Trading.
I Can Withdraw Dollars From Bank or Card Very Quickly and Complete it In 15-30 Minutes.
Names of Some Banks Known In USA. The Banks That We Transactions.DirectExpress : 533248, 5115 63, 7043, [/color]MoneyLion 5104[/size][/color]Lili Bank: 4120, 4102[/size][/color]Roar money: 5104[/size][/color]RobinHood: 5548[/size][/color]Dave (little bear):5295[/size][/color]Chime :4232, 4985 & 4217[/size][/color]Cash App tag P2P[/size][/color]Green dot: 4143[/size][/color]WalMart Money Card :4373 & 5273[/size][/color]Go2bank: 4133[/size][/color]Gobank: 4819 & 5396[/size][/color]One Vanilla: 4097, 4111, 4118, 4142[/size][/color]Way2go Bank: 511563, 515549, 515101[/size][/color]Visa Card[/size][/color]Dabit Card[/size][/color]MasterCard[/size][/color]Any Virtual Visa-Dabit-MasterCard Dollars Receive.[/size][/color]Trade Your Mastercard & Visa Card Funds into BTC[/size]
[/color]For Detailed Information.[/size][/color]Contact[/size][/color]WhatsApp:   +1 (702) 381-3579[/size][/color]Telegram:   @usdninja[/size][/color]Instagram:   @usdninja[/size][/color]E-mail:[/size][/color]Visit Our Website [/size][/color][/size][/color]:       [/size][/color][/size][/url]


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