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Mt. Gox confirmed to start exchanging Litecoin! Don't miss the boat on this one!

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From the IRC channel:

--- Quote ---MagicalTux has changed the topic to: Mt.Gox 24/7 IRC support channel | don t ask to ask, just ask | offtopic goes to ##mtgox-chat | tickers and trades on #mtgox-RT and #bitcoin-RT | LTC support coming soon
<bittrader> MagicalTux is it ok for me to make a news press release about LTC coming soon?
<MagicalTux> bittrader: I cannot officially announce how "soon" "soon" means
<Plarkplark> @MagicalTux thanks, how great. Or is this April-1 joke?
<Jx8p> well, let's just say my mining riggs are going to be e-xxx-panding
<thrasher`> I hope it isn't an april-1 joke haha
<ypSami> Plarkplark: MagicalTux is in Japan. The Japanese have no sense of humor. :P
<bittrader> thats ok I can just write that Mt.Gox has not provided an exact time frame for release
<Jx8p> come on the 5th. Payday1
<Jx8p> *!
<MagicalTux> bittrader: you can say that MtGox is exploring the possibility of adding LTC to its trading engine
<MagicalTux> basically the only thing that remains is to write the communication with the Litecoin network
<bittrader> ok
<MagicalTux> that's a large part
<MagicalTux> but thanks to our platform, adding a new currency to the trading engine is as easy as clicking a few options in an admin interface ;)
--- End quote ---

This is massive. Litecoin price will skyrock.

that is if litecoin doesn't crash super hard and people abandon ship, i guess it needs to be hyped enough to tear a hole into the space time continuum and achieve immortality..

Who is magical tux and why should I believe him?

--- Quote from: roryn3kids on April 02, 2013, 06:54:01 PM ---Who is magical tux and why should I believe him?

--- End quote ---'s owner.


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