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MtGox making a change on how orders are processed, starting from April 17th

TOKYO - JAPAN - April 09, 2013

Orders will only be accepted when there are enough funds available in your wallet!

Dear users, starting on April 17th we will be rolling out a minor change on how people place orders via the Mt.Gox interface.

Until recently, anyone could place a buy or sell order for Bitcoin, regardless of how much funds were actually available in their wallet, resulting in an order showing a "Not enough funds" error status in the Open Orders list.

Starting on April 17th, this counter productive scenario will no longer be possible and will be automatically rejected before validating your order; until you have enough funds in your wallet to match the order value.

While this change should only affect a minority of users, it will however have a major impact on our trading platform and improve our system overall performance.


Mt.Gox Co. Ltd Team.
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