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MtGox taking a long time to show deposits


I have sent 4 deposits totaling 10.88025073 BTC to my account on mtgox.

As of right now.
Mtgox Address 1:
Deposit 1; 27 Confirmations
Deposit 2; 11 Confirmations

Mtgox Address 2:
Deposit 1; 11 Confirmations
Deposit 2; 11 Confirmations

It has never taken this long so I am pretty pissed that its not showing my coins.

Has this happened to anyone today? Or ever before?

Best bet to contact mtgox support?

Any help is appreciated.

(I ordered a Mtgox yubikey this morning before those deposits, could that cause any issue---I would not think it would)

Mt Gox BTC deposits should clear instantly and automatically after 6 confirmations. I would definitely contact them.

I made a large USD deposit through Dwolla on Friday morning and it still has not cleared. I'm slightly concerned as I await my response from their support team.

Yubikey will not affect your deposits.

Good luck!

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