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Author Topic: New Fast Bitcoin Exchange in the Netherlands for US dollar trading  (Read 23355 times)

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We have built a brand new Bitcoin exchange and start operating in the Netherlands under the Dutch financial regulations. We have build in advanced security systems to guarantee safety at all times, for all users.

Our trading-engine trades in real-time (no lag) so margin trading is possible. We have an intensive relation with ING bank in the netherlands to speed up transfers in and out of the exchange. With the assistance of ING bank we can accept and transfer Euro and US dollar.  Our exchange handles trades in both currencies. We will add other currencies and transfer methods in the next 6 months.   

Why use FBTC Exchange?
Transparent0.45% trading fee.
Clear conditions.
No hidden Fees.

We provide a clear and easy to use
wallet system and trading platform.

Fast tradingAdvanced trading-engine.
Instant transfers.
Fast deposits and withdraws.

We provide real time trading.
Margin trading is possible.

SecureMost bitcoins are stored secure offline.
Dutch exchange with Dutch bank accounts.
Advanced security measures.

We have taken every precaution
to ensure that your Bitcoins are always safe.

Some account related safety features:

Incoming bank transfers:

To transfer funds from your local bank to your account you need to generate a unique transaction code. The combination of your bank account and the transaction code will provide a valid transfer to your account.With the security measures of incoming transfers and the limit of USD 750,00 per day we reduce the risk to a level that we can absorb. Transfers with an invalid code or from an unknown bank account will be automatically refunded to the bank account.We get questions if the same thing that is happend to Bitcoin24 can happen at FBTC Exchange. Bitcoin24 had no validation of incoming transfers. So invalid or fraudulent transfers are changed for Bitoins and taken out of Bitcoin24.When the bank requested refunds from Bitcoin24 they could not pay the money back.

Two-way authentication:

To protect your account if your username and password are stolen, we have a two-way authentication into the system using Google authenticator.After activating the Google authenticator you must enter an extra validation for login, sending Bitcoins out of the account and make withdrawal orders out of your account.

Lock of Bitcoin send Addresses:

To add security to your account you can lock a maximum of five Bitcoin addresses. After you lock your addresses you can only send Bitcoins to the specified addresses.To unlock and change the addresses you have locked you must send a support ticket. We will ask you for additional verification to release your bitcoin send addresses. (This is not a complete validation of your account.)

Lock of connected bank accounts:

For safety reasons you can lock your connected bank accounts. After the lock of your connected bank accounts you can only make withdrawals to the specified bank accounts.Once your bank accounts are locked and you want them released you can send us a support ticket. We will ask you for additional verification to release your bank accounts. (This is not a complete validation of your account.) 

FBTC Exchange is committed to maximize security. With these additional security measures taken, you are assured that no one can take away your Bitcoins or funds.

The trial period will take until 31 july 2013. In the trial period we will use a trade fee of 0% so you can try the exchange for free. In august we will start operating at a trade fee of 0.45%.   

We would like you to put your suggestions, remarks and wishes in our ticket system,  You can find it on the contact page or you send an email to [nonactive]
Help us so we can help you.You can find the exchange at
newbielink: [nonactive]

With kind regards,


FBTC Exchange
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Re: New Fast Bitcoin Exchange in the Netherlands for US dollar trading
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Looks interesting.


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