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TorEx "Anonymous Bitcoin Exchange"


Anybody tried this TorEx "Anonymous Bitcoin Exchange" ?

Here is what their introduction page says:

How TorEx Works?

TorEx is a site that allows you to sell USD and BTC anonymously. This is accoumplished by having the seller of USD mail the currency to the buyer using the mail system in all countries around the world. The system allows the seller to specify the country that the currency will be mailed from. The system has a automated reputation system which matches the seller of BTC and USD with the highest reputation scores. This system helps prevent fraud.

Using Tor:


Using a Tor Proxy:

Anonymous, No ID's required, No logs.

Funds Security:

The security of TorEx is heavily solidified. No customer funds are at risk in a hot wallet on the server . 100% of customer funds are transfered to cold storage as soon as they are confirmed, bitcoin transactions fees for this transfer will be deducted from your account. TorEx operates a hot wallet for receiving funds, but it will only risk its own funds, not any customer funds. TorEx servers reside in a PCI-compliant data center, with disk encryption making the drives useless to anyone attempting a theft while physically at the location and all backups are encrypted.

Reputation System:

The system maintains a reputation system for all parties. High reputation offers are selected before lower reputation offers. Your reputation gets better the longer you are on the system and with more transactions.
Fees are as low as 1%


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