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Author Topic: [Group Buy] Avalon ASIC chips distribution  (Read 2659 times)

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[Group Buy] Avalon ASIC chips distribution
« on: April 29, 2013, 10:07:51 PM »

Order status: Open

How to buy?
1. Select your number of chips N in steps of 10 or 16, with no maximum chips
2. Send the total amount (C = N * 0.083) to the given address
3. Post or PM (if you want to stay anonymous) me your order in the following format: <forum nick>; <N>; <C>; <sending address>

There is one common payment address: 16dAyPsi5qe81UU5DqvtFyhYS5SkJ23nPM

Status updates:

2013-04-28: Creation of Group Buy with Batch 1

- I see a lot of people already building designs to house the Avalon chips into them. Very good, people. I can't wait to see the final outcome.
- I've decided to focus more on the final outcome of these chips: the ready product that can mine you the coins. Therefore, i'll be focusing much more towards the DIY projects and post updates here.
- Also i've edited the thread to simpflify thing a bit more: Clear info at the top, terms and conditions at the bottom.

Terms and conditions:

1. Why a Group-Buy?
This Group-buy is giving You the opportunity to order chips in small quantities. The chips will be sent to developers, who will create a fully functional miner for you.

2. Whats new?
- Shipping will be fast and cheap. And shipping to the developers will cost less because the fee can be split among all users that send their chips to them.

3. Reminder
Only send payments from an address you control (i.e. you can sign with it). If you send from MtGox or other exchanges, you risk loosing your funds in case of a dispute, since you can't prove you sent them. If you bought chips pay attention that your address is in the list that shows the payments with the correct amount of chips. If something looks wrong you need to prove that you're the owner of that address. You have to be able to sign a message with your sending address to prove that you're the owner of that address.

4. Refunds
Your orders are binding after your funds have been used to pay for a batch. Before that (while coins are piling up for the next batch), you can demand for a refund and will get it paid back in full. Note that after you got refunded, I will not accept future orders from you (to prevent free risk-offloading to me).
In case avalon stops selling of chips all collected bitcoins will be transferred back to the senders.

5. Where are you from?
I'm located in romania, Cluj Napoca

6. Who are you?
Im a romanian member of this community. I live in Cluj, have a wife and a (5 month old) son. If you want proof of my identity i can provide my id.

7. What to do with the chips?
My intentions are to send the chips to the best developer possible, in order for You to have a ready, fully functional device that can mine you bitcoins.
Optionally, you can receive the chips yourself or send them to your favorite developer, I don't mind at all. The idea is to be able to order the 10000 chips.
If you wish to build your own miner, check out the relevant threads of the forum for this.

8. The chip details from Avalon homepage:
The relevant information about the chips is available from Avalon here.
Code: newbielink:javascript:void(0); [nonactive]
Product Description:

    the only payment accepted is Bitcoin.
    the chips being sold are packaged and tested.
    the lead time on the chips is 9 to 10 weeks.
    made to order from TSMC foundry and then packaged and shipped.
    the minimum order quantity is 10,000 chips and the maximum order quantity is 200,000.
    the chips are identical to those in Avalon, clocking 282Mh/s per chip.
    the password is “I understand and agree”.
    communication protocol, reference board design provided in early May.
    everything will be open source from FPGA to PCB design.
    we do not offer technical support of any kind, this is final.
    if you do not know what to do with the packaged chips, please do not purchase.

9. Pricing
A: I am asking for a 6% surplus for my efforts. The 10k chips totaled to 782.1BTC, which results to a resale price of 0.083BTC / chip.

B: I will need a fee for shipping chips to the developers (specially if there are more chosen) + there is the shipping cost needed to ship your package to the location you want it at. You can chose the type of shipment when there is a choice to choose between security and higher price. This fee is not per order but per shipment. I think thats fair enough. It will be around 30 - 40 Eur / total chips shipped to a certain location, which is not much.

C: In the case that the shipment from avalon is stopped by customs and a fee has to be paid to get the chips back, all buyers of the batch pay the needed fee to free the batches according to the amount of chips a buyer owns in the batches. No additional fee is taken for this. Proof of customs paperwork will be provided, if it is the case.

D: The fiat fee will be paid once the chips arrive and i got your target address. It doesnt have to be paid in fiat, Bitcoin is fine too. Its only calculated in fiat to be independent from bitcoin exchange price.

10. Reservation
No reservations. If you pay and give me the details you're in. Reservations wouldnt be fair against the others. And as long as its possible to order chips there will be a new batch created everytime. The blockchain is the indisputable proof of your payment.

11. Ordering
Only send from an address you can sign a message with. Otherwise a dispute cant be won. newbielink: [nonactive]. Make sure you copied the correct address before clicking on send. Compare first, last and some middle digits of the copied address to prevent errors.

12. How to buy
A: The buying window opens now and ends whenever the batch is full or latest the end of May. It would be great to order as soon as possible, so the chips will arrive sooner. Please consider this too and order as soon as possible if you choose to have chips.

B: If there is enough demand to order an additional 10k chip batch, I'll do so (given they are in stock). If the last batch is not filled up, we can discuss what do with the funds. Eigther we make an effort to fill it, or I refund all the payments from that batch. We can discuss that later on.

13. Escrow
I don't offer escrow simply because as soon as the 782.1 BTC is gathered, i will order the chips. However, i'm open to that idea also.

14. Shipment
The chips will be forwarded to your desired address as soon as I receive them and you paid the fiat component mentioned above. I will collect the target adresses after you've made the order for the chips. Delivery within Europe will usually take less than a week; overseas will take what it takes. You will be given the option to select shipment method on time and resolve custom specific issues. Because the shipment price has to be paid you can chose the kind of shipment. I guess insured shipment would be the best choice for your investment. Please note that although the thread's name suggests "Eastern Europe", i can send the chips wherever on the globe you might be. It doesn't cost much from Romania to send a few packages less than 5 kg, for example.

15. Communication
I live in Romania (GMT + 2). Ill try to communicate as fast as possible. I have a daytime job, but i will be online to collect order data and answer all questions / requests as fast as possible. Please be patient when im not around for some time.

Thank you!

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Re: [Group Buy] Avalon ASIC chips distribution
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2013, 08:51:37 PM »
Well? Nobody interested? Is something wrong with the initiative? Maybe you need escrow?

No feedback is a good criticism too... :)

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Re: [Group Buy] Avalon ASIC chips distribution
« Reply #2 on: May 03, 2013, 02:31:51 PM »

User            No. of Chips   Total BTC   Address
rsmereka            20               1.66      19Eb4UpfuRfqtZncpmYHyDnDbSa5V48hp1
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