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Title: Advice for 6x6870 on Win7. Miners, catalyst and SDK versions?
Post by: Nicholas Johnson on May 28, 2013, 02:00:16 AM

My basic setup, when everything arrives would be a:
MSI 990FXA-GD65 with Sempron 145 and 1GB of RAM
6x Radeon 6870 cards with powered risers (4 cards and the powered risers en route)
old hard drive
OCZ 1250w PSU.
Windows 7x64.

I currently am runing 2 of the 6870s with unpowered risers and a 5380. All stats from cgminer which is all that works after my last driver fit makes bfgminer give hardware errors always.
5830 has 250 MH, 75C temp with autofan, 97% activity, 800mhz clock (OC a little and display driver crashes), 300mhz mem clock (from 1000mhz) and works within spec. But I'm getting rid of that one...
XFX 6870 gives 275 MH, 75C temp on auto, 96% activity, 1000mhz OC clock, 900 lowest mem clock (cant figure how to lower it), 1.175v and seems slow... and one fan is wobbly
Sapphire 6870 gives 250 MH, 73C temp on auto, 84% activity, 1000mhz OC engine, 900mhz mem as low as it can go, 1.175v. Super slow.
473W total says my Kill-A-Watt. 10-42% CPU usage, 57% ram used.

Running catalyst 11.2 (I thought... driver only, Catalyst install manager says 12.104) and SDK 2.5 (2.5.684.213).  Miners crashed with 11.1 and the latest 13.whatever.  Some drivers m.  SDK 2.4 and 2.8 seemed to work.

So I after all that background, I'd like to know what recommendation there is for a miner (with stratum support, whatever that is) and a catalyst driver and AMD SDK version that all fits well together with eventually 6x6870s.  What flags or settings should I use and why can't I underclock my memory like at all.  Why is my activity so low?  I want to take this system off my desk and hide it away so something with remote administration would be nice.  TightVNC works so far.  Side note, I moved the dvi cable (only one in the 3 cards, no dummy plugs but not adverse to the idea) from the XFX to the sapphire and got 33 more MHash/s from the XFX with no loss on the Sapphire.

Or... are my numbers about right and I should stop tweaking and put this thing in the corner?
Title: Re: Advice for 6x6870 on Win7. Miners, catalyst and SDK versions?
Post by: Nicholas Johnson on May 28, 2013, 03:31:08 PM
It looks like I resolved the problem, by setting the intensity to something other than dynamic.  Both cards set to I:10 give the same approx 315 MHash/s.  I was also able to push my 5830 to 286 from 230 by setting the intensity up to 6.  Maybe I'll see how far this can go.  Temps good all around.