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Author Topic: AllForMiner- Decentralization service platform for cryptocurrency miners  (Read 876 times)

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Let's see what this project was created for and what its benefits are.
First of all, the project is aimed at miners and sellers of equipment for mining, to eliminate intermediaries between them and reduce the cost of commissions. But in addition to our trading platform, the seller can sell any range of goods.

In the center of the ecosystem AllForMiner are trading platform and online exchanger.

AllForMiner-Trading offers a trading platform where any seller can put their goods on sale. All payments on the marketplace will be made for MIT tokens without a fee and are protected by a return guarantee.
AllForMiner-Exchanger will exchange MIT for large cryptocurrencies and Fiat money at the Central market rate and without Commission. Putting money in the wallet of the exchange will be made via Bank cards and electronic wallets without a fee. Withdrawal of Fiat money to e-wallets will also be carried out without a fee, and to Bank cards with the minimum possible fees. To every account in our exchanger to be released multi-currency MasterCard debit card that will allow you to make payment and to withdraw cash from automatic conversion crypto-currencies into the necessary currency.
Everyone understands that trading goods for cryptocurrency via the Internet is associated with risks due to the high volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Protection of buyers in such Internet sites ensures retention of funds until the complete transaction, and this is usually 2-4 weeks. And even such large currencies as Bitcoin and Ethereum can lose more than 20% in a week. Therefore, we offer our marketplace account in MinerToken. Will be released a limited number MinerToken that will keep a stable price. And with the development of the project its cost will only grow.

Another direction of development of our project will be the development and production of farms on immersion cooling and the creation of data center with alternative sources of electricity.

What is Immersion cooling. This is a cooling option when the cooling object is completely immersed in the cooling liquid. This completely eliminates the noise from the cooling fans, reduces heat emissions and prolongs the life of the equipment. Another big plus is the complete absence of dust, which eliminates the need for prevention of equipment every 4-6 months.
This method of cooling allows to keep the temperature of the chips within 30-40 * C, and this allows additional overclocking equipment and increase the hashrate.
Peltier Elements will be used to cool the liquid, this also eliminates the need for fans. Electronic control of cooling with a set temperature and control of electricity consumption will be provided by a microprocessor with the possibility of remote control via the Internet.
The opening of the Data-center using wind and solar energy will reduce the cost of mining. After the launch of the Data-center, we will accept for service both purchased from us and third-party equipment for mining.


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