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Hi, so I'm a newbie at GPU Bitcoin Mining, but I'm going to do it nonetheless since ASIC aren't being fulfilled right now as they should be.
I am thinking of mining either bitcoin or litecoin solo, so if you could also post links to mining software that I could mine by myself or in a private party with my own friends, I would appreciate that! 

My mining rig: so far I am thinking of ordering either 4 or 6 AMD Radeon HD 7970s, I'm debating whether 6 as I heard that it might break my residential household's voltage recommendation. The brands I am deciding between is Gigabyte and Sapphire, Sapphire is cheaper and pretty decent with the specs and fans on their cards, while Gigabyte is a little more expensive but there seems to be a reason for that that some of you might be able to explain and help me decide with.

I am thinking of getting Windows 8 for the OS as what I heard it can handle up to 6 GPUs if I decide for it, or Linux which is free but I am concerned with drivers issues and file downloads with Linux, but of course Linux is entirely free. What else for the rig that I am definite about: mouse, keypad, desktop screen. So here is what I need you guys to help me choose and decide on:

Please post brand names, model, specs, links (preferably to Amazon Prime, Bestbuy, and Newegg) and your experiences with it if you had any:

Power Supply: For the 7970s, each card is 350 watts from what I learned, so I need an efficient PSU, both cost and reliability wise that can connect to at least 4 PCI-E connectors or to 6 if I do 6 7970s. Please also list any other power accessories and supplies, adapters I might need for the rig!!!

Motherboard: This is what was  recommend for 7950s GPU mining rig setup, it has enough PCI-E slots, do you think it would be fine for the 7970s or do you have a better suggestion: newbielink: [nonactive][/font][/size]
CPU: I need preferably an Intel Celeron processor that is Ivy Bridge so it would work for the PCI-E slots, please give me your recommendations!!!

RAM: I was told that 4GB would be enough, but that I should consider 8GB if Litecoin mining. Would this one work, or do you know of any better ones, thanks!
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And lastly, the Power Riser Cables: I need at least 4 to 6 PCI-E extension cables to connect the GPUs to the motherboard and allow space for the heat dissipation. Please post links to websites that have them in stock and would work for my rig. Thanks! 

I am following most of this guy's guide if you want to know:
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But I want some of your personal insight and advice too, thanks again! Kudos to all of the members who post a helpful reply!



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