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Author Topic: Best Liquidity Mining Token! Easy 2-3x upside from buying and selling LIQ  (Read 104 times)

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Today we announce the LIQ Network Mechanism — a protocol that incentivises liquidity pool and transaction volume providers, promoting more robust market liquidity for the whole digital asset economy.
LIQ Network will be going live in the coming weeks, if you’d like to stay informed, join us on Telegram.

LIQ Network
LIQ Network is a decentralized liquidity provider network.
LIQ network provides market liquidity to Ethereum based tokens. This is achieved by providing incentives for holders of LIQ to trade on decentralized exchanges (e.g. Uniswap). Additionally, a substantial part of LIQ supply will be put into liquidity pools to further elevate the DeFi market.

What makes LIQ Network unique?
The first AMM trade mining token
LIQ is the first AMM (Automated Market Maker) trade mining token. Unlike typical trade mining which is initiated by an exchange, LIQ trade mining is built into the LIQ token itself, that means trade mining is no longer bounded by a single exchange. Traders of the whitelisted pairs will be rewarded with LIQ, other project tokens, ETH or even stable coins. This revolutionizes the current DeFi space, making it possible to reward volume providers instead of charging them fees.

Massive liquidity incentive
LIQ holders can put their tokens into whitelisted liquidity pools of decentralized exchanges like Uniswap. On top of the swap fee given by the exchange, extra incentives will be provided by the LIQ team, which the rewards can include LIQ, other project tokens, ETH or even stable coins.
Network level liquidity
A substantial part of LIQ supply will be put into liquidity pools, this huge amount of tokens can greatly reduce price slippage and further encourage trading.

Who can benefit from LIQ Network?
Third party projects
Liquidity plays a crucial rule in the valuation of a project token, which directly influences the success of a project. LIQ Network provides the tremendous liquidity to projects, so they can focus on what they do best.
The amount of trading volume and liquidity is arguably the most important indicator for exchanges, not only does it directly affect the income of exchanges, but it can also reduce price slippage and increase market efficiency. LIQ Network heavily incentivizes users to provide both trading volume and liquidity, making the exchanges more attractive to traders.
LIQ holders
LIQ holders are the first class citizens in the LIQ Network, they can benefit from being a liquidity provider or trade miner or both. By providing liquidity and/or trading volume, LIQ holders will receive massive rewards in LIQ, other project tokens, ETH or even stable coins.

How to provide liquidity and earn rewards?
The general steps are:
Go to the exchange website and select a whitelisted pair.
Add liquidity to the pool and it will give you some pool tokens (e.g. UNI-V2) in return as a proof of your share in the pool.
Stake your pool tokens into the corresponding LIQ Network’s LP rewards contract.
Until you unstake and remove your liquidity (which you can do at any time), you earn a proportional share of the exchange pool fee as well as the extra rewards from LIQ Network.
How to do trade mining and earn rewards?

The general steps are:
Go to the exchange website and select a whitelisted pair.
Whenever you buy or sell, rewards proportional to the trading size will be sent to corresponding LIQ Network’s TM rewards contract.
You can check your available rewards and claim it directly from the contract.
Which pools are whitelisted?
Currently, only the ETH/LIQ pool on Uniswap is whitelisted. More pools will be added very soon.
Keep in the loop —
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Visit our Website
Read our Docs - [P2Pool] Bitcoin/Litecoin Easy-Mining Pool

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