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Author Topic: Biostar BTC-24GH Mining Board  (Read 4681 times)

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Biostar BTC-24GH Mining Board
« on: May 05, 2014, 01:43:02 PM »
**Disclaimer*** I am NOT selling anything!!*** I will not be providing links to any site to buy anything** I am the head of another Tech Forum and respect your forum* Biostar ask me to post my experience with this product**I am not even going to tell you if it is a good product or not. That is for you to decide.* Just Facts.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share my experience. Please feel free to ask any questions.

 Its rare that the instructions are helpful but Biostar pulled it of. The booklet contains step by step directions and enough color photos to aid in getting everything setup.
 Included is a 20 to 24 pin +4 pin power cable, Setup DVD, Com to Com Cable and USB to Com PCB Board. I did not receive any stands in my box.

 The  BTC-24GH does not look like any board Biostar has ever shipped before so there is no mistaking it for something else. It was built on a thin blue PCB so it feels very light weight but I wouldn't go as far as calling it flimsy.
 There are 2 atx connectors but only one is needed to power the board. The 24 pin power comes from the PSU along with the 4 pin in the center. The second connector is a 20 pin used to chain together additional BTC-24GH boards.
 As mentioned above the BTC-24GH allows for stacking of boards. Up to 50 can be chained together with only a single USB connection to a host PC. This decreases the amount of floor space, power requirements and host systems needed to run a Mining Farm.

 There are two com connectors, one is used to connect the BTC-24GH to the host system using provided cables. The other is used to chain to a stacked board a level below it. The jumper to the left of the COM post is only used when stacking to signify the "Top Level" board.
 The jumper behind the 2nd COM port is only used to signify the "Bottom Level" board. There is no mention of the purpose o the 3 row set of jumpers are for.

In close proximity to each COM port there are status and  activity LEDs. The first row is pretty easy to understand but the 2nd set are not marked. **EDIT** I later found on the 2nd set of LEDs are mapped as the 1st set for the 2nd COM port. 1/5 2/6 3/7 4/8***
 Closeup of the ASIC ICs. They are unmarked so I can not look up any information on the chips used. There are a total of 64 on each BTC-24GH creating a total output of 24GH/s.
 To Install the BTC-24GH, you will need to find a stable location with ample air flow to cool the board. Biostar recommended each IC to be maintained below 90c. Yes I said 90c!! I also was shocked by this number. I was disappointed to not find the stands shown in the stacked board pic above in my box. So I will have to find another way to insure air flow around the board during operation. Insert the 4 pin end of the COM cable to the USB PCB, the USB connects to your host PC. As I am not stacking boards only the 24pin + 4 pin atx is used from the PSU. The 20 cable is inserted in the pic for show.
 Simple to setup hardware wise. Time to install software and see if I can get it up and running. Inserting the USB COM PCB into a USB port turns the BTC-24GH on if power is already supplied.

 Connect the COM cable to the Port on the BTC-24GH, connect the other end to the USB PCB. Look at the manual to make sure you have the correct pins aligned. Once the USB PCB is connected to the USB post the unit will power on. The USB UART will show in device manager.
**Note The Software driver would Install but I could not get the CT.EXE to correctly Identify the BTC-24GH using a USB3.0 Port.**
 Insert the provided disc and select "Driver", it will then install the correct driver needed to communicate with the USB PC.
 After the driver is installed you will see something like this below. "USB Serial Port (COM3)" Remember the COM number. You will need it shortly.
 Right click on the USB Serial Device, Click Properties, Then advanced. Changed the Latency Timer to 1msec. Close these tabs and return to the install disc.  Click to install the Software. It will create a folder on your desktop.
 Click here to view the original image of 800x513px.

 Open the folder and double click the CT.EXE app. Select COM Port and change to the port number to match COM number of USB PCB. In my case is was COM 3.
 Click here to view the original image of 800x528px.

 Click Pool. Select the Pool you wish to use, then select edit and enter in you worker and PW. There is a typo in the menu screen. It list a Pool as "BtcGuard". It is actually BTC Guild. The port address information is correct for BTC Guild. It can be corrected by editing the Text file.
 Once everything is connected hit the Start button at the bottom. It will check to make sure the BTC-24GH is connected, Total ASIC units, verify network access then begin getting workers.
 Since the BTC-24GH uses separate software and resources you can run the BTC-24GH on the same system as other mining software such as CUDAminer or CGminer.
 With the BTC-24GH running for a bit the reported stats are below.  ** After a few hours the mining speed settled in at 22GH/s avg*

Pre Release expected price $599. This is may change as the price of BTC and Other products have changed drastically since the original product announcement.

Thanks again.


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