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Author Topic: BTCFPGA / Official Forum - Epic fail  (Read 2301 times)

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BTCFPGA / Official Forum - Epic fail
« on: January 24, 2013, 04:00:52 AM »
BTCFPGA / Official Forum - Epic fail

Posted today by cablepair on

First I want everyone to know - that all that nonsense that was posted on the Bitcointalk forum last night was not me. In fact I have not been on that forum in quite a while. My forum account was compromised and some people had some fun with it. I can't even get into the account now - so I am assuming that the admins checked the IP address and realized it was not me posting like a madman and locked my account for me. Either that or the intruder changed the password on me. Either way please DO NOT trust or believe anything that has been or is being posted by my Bitcointalk forum account. I plan to email theymos in a few moments to get my account back - I will update you when I once again have control over the account.

Many people have contacted me about buying these 16,000 chips - God I wished I had them, but I am sorry that post was not made by me and I do not have 16,000 chips to sell. I have to pay the second part of the deposit to receive the chips and I am not sure I will even be able to do that - although I am not giving up on the notion. I decided to not accept the loan that was offered to me to keep this company going. With a 90% refund rate there really is no point.


I have the list of BTC Refunds and should be making those today.
All other CC orders will automatically be refunded today.

I hope you can please accept my deep apologies, I thought I could pull this off but it was just too much of an undertaking for me, I feel ashamed and embarrassed and I am so sorry that I could not come through for you. Everyone will receive their refunds. As a matter of fact I am starting on them now.

This will take a little time, we are talking thousands of refunds. I wish there was just a "refund all" button but unfortunately there is not one and I have to do this manually.

this forum will be locked from this point forward - if I need to tell you anything else I will post again otherwise you will not hear from me - your refund will come automatically and theres no reason for communication.
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