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Author Topic: CGWatcher 1.3.4 - bitcoin mining monitor  (Read 3158 times)

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CGWatcher 1.3.4 - bitcoin mining monitor
« on: January 15, 2014, 04:45:32 PM »

CGWatcher is a GUI for bitcoin miners CGMiner and BFGMiner (32-bit and 64-bit). Along with giving a graphical interface to the miner, it has several options to monitor the miner and correct problems when they are detected, minimizing downtime. It is not affiliated with CGMiner or BFGMiner, it just helps to ensure they stay running while providing something a little easier to look at.
[/size][/color][/size]It works via the miner's API, which was created for this purpose - to allow other software to communicate with the miner. While there are several web applications to allow remote monitoring of these miners, that is not the purpose of CGWatcher. It is designed to run on the same computer as the miner, and will watch for the conditions you set to determine if the miner is working properly. If it is not, CGWatcher takes the appropriate actions to correct the problem. The idea is to create a program that does the monitoring for you, so you don't have to use those web applications to constantly check on your miners. CGWatcher is a small and portable .NET application. It will run as a 64-bit application in 64-bit Windows, and a 32-bit application in 32-bit Windows. It can be run inside sandbox environments like Sandboxie if you don't trust it, however settings and profiles may not be saved. The application includes a few libraries (see credits below) and creates its own config file (CGWatcher.exe.ini), log (cgwatcher.log), log for mining events (miner.log) and data files for profiles and named config files (profiles.dat, config.dat).

Download: newbielink: [nonactive][/size]




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