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Title: Cloud Mining 2.0
Post by: juice on November 10, 2017, 10:36:24 PM
The new era in the Cloud Mining history has began!
INVIA WORLD is not so easy to compare with existing mining companies.

What distinguishes INVIA WORLD from classic Cloud Minig vendors? The concept of the company is called “Active Managed Mining”. Here, you do not decide as an end customer which cryptosciences are generated by the company, but the company determines the most lucrative coin for you. You will still receive your payments in the Ethereum or Bitcoin currency. In this way, the company promises a better return than traditional cloud mining. Of course, the company is a network marketing sales, so, of course, a few percent of the sales go. This is now common to many mining companies.
My INVIA WORLD experiences are consistently positive. The deposit and the activation worked perfectly. The first mining results are promising.