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Author Topic: Group Buy - 12 KNCMINER Jupiter's 4.2TH Bitcoin Miners Early Pre Order  (Read 3401 times)

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This Group buy is for 12 unit of  KNCminer Jupiter's made by ( newbielink: [nonactive]) company located in Stockholm, Sweden. The unit that the shares relate to is the KNC Jupiter @ 350GH/s newbielink: [nonactive].

We are Offering:

- 720 shares at 1 BTC each only
- Each share will give the owner  1/720 th* of the BTC proceeds from the group of 12 KNC Jupiter's mining 24/7 till no longer profitable or sold (less expenses and management fees)
- management fees are 1.5%*  of BTC mined after expenses are deducted.(expenses include but not limited too, hosting, repairs, shipping, taxes and others unforeseen expenses)
- payment will be made to the address of the share-holder   3  times weekly
- miners will be hosted at KNCMINER facility in Stockholm, Sweden

Purchase Share:

- Send 1 BTC per share to address: 1Fh9qNsC7YBV4z46ZwXoVkc7DnCatTVLo1
  This address will be for this Group Buy
- PM me/and post the transaction ID (txid) in this thread.
- ONLY use sending addresses you fully control. I will use the sending address for BTC payouts for your share ownership and if you request change of payout address I will require that you can sign your share purchase address to make this happen OR I WILL NOT CHANGE THE RECEIVING ADDRESS. This is for your own protection.
-This Group Buy will be sold in lots of 60 to qualify for another KNC Jupiter
-anyone not included in another 60 share lot before the early pre order closes will be refunded
-Every time when they are enough shares for a Jupiter Miner I will be purchased them quickly.


 - I (dan99 )will take no responsibility for the possibility that KNC Miner does not deliver the Jupiter miner. I(dan99) have done what I consider a thorough Due diligence but as we all know, you can never 100% guarantee anything when it comes to pre-orders.
- Refunds will be given in case of non-delivery less 1% for management fees for this Group Buy.
- this group buy will be refunded after Nov 1, 2013 if KNC Jupiter does not delivered
- majority share holders can elect to wait further, or some shareholders who choose not to wait can sell their shares to existing KNCminer Group Buy shareholders or others outside of this group with proof of their transactions.

- In the event that a Jupiter need another 20%  additional funding to complete the purchase I will top up the remaining shares or I can do a refund back to you.

- At such a time I can suggest to sell KNC Jupiter at any time and majority vote by share holders can decide to sell or not. Sale proceeds will distributed on a prorated share basis
- I (dan99) will not be responsible if KNC Jupiters do not hash at advertised rate of 350 GH/s

Why should I trust you?

- I have communicated with John several time in the past.
- have done some transactions on this forum ( do a profile search, or I can PM )
- PM me for other information you need to verify identity

-*The 1/720 share will be prorated if there is not enough interest to buy all 12 Jupiters

-*The management rate will go to 3% if less than 6 Jupiters are bought with this Group Buy

If I you have further questions.  Please feel free to ask/post/ in this thread or PM me.

Name :    Payment Address :              Shares:

This offer will remain open 2 hours(Sweden Time) before the pre-order early bird offer closed because I need time to make payments and communicate all of my details with the guys at Kncminer to confirm
that my payment and order has gone through successfully.


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