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Author Topic: hashocean. Cloud Mining  (Read 48507 times)

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Re: hashocean. Cloud Mining
« Reply #75 on: June 19, 2016, 06:15:08 AM »
06/19/2016 01:08   Payout to address 1NZzYLM9LcUPYbAZP2y1kMrAcCrmiB1tcG   -0.00590948 BTC   
06/19/2016 00:01   Profit for 06/18/2016 is under 403 KH/s power   0.00297817 BTC   
06/18/2016 00:01   Profit for 06/17/2016 is under 403 KH/s power   0.00293131 BTC
06/17/2016 01:06   Payout to address 1NZzYLM9LcUPYbAZP2y1kMrAcCrmiB1tcG   -0.00588668 BTC   
06/17/2016 00:01   Profit for 06/16/2016 is under 401 KH/s power   0.00295938 BTC   
06/16/2016 00:01   Profit for 06/15/2016 is under 401 KH/s power   0.00292730 BTC

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Re: hashocean. Cloud Mining
« Reply #76 on: June 23, 2016, 05:38:55 AM »
06/23/2016 01:11   Payout to address 1NZzYLM9LcUPYbAZP2y1kMrAcCrmiB1tcG   -0.00669534 BTC   
06/23/2016 00:01   Profit for 06/22/2016 is under 453 KH/s power   0.00336126 BTC   
06/22/2016 00:01   Profit for 06/21/2016 is under 453 KH/s power   0.00333408 BTC
06/21/2016 01:10   Payout to address 1NZzYLM9LcUPYbAZP2y1kMrAcCrmiB1tcG   -0.00632085 BTC   
06/21/2016 00:01   Profit for 06/20/2016 is under 453 KH/s power   0.00335220 BTC   
06/20/2016 00:01   Profit for 06/19/2016 is under 453 KH/s power   0.00296865 BTC

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Re: hashocean. Cloud Mining
« Reply #77 on: June 28, 2016, 05:51:25 PM »
Hashocean Refunds

Dear members/miners,
as you may have noticed our domain has been hacked and sold, this was beyond our control and despite our teams very best efforts we have been unable to recover it.
Our official Facebook, Twitter and Youtube accounts have also been hacked and closed.
We have had to take the unprecedented step now to admit defeat, the hackers have won and Hashocean is no more.
Our domain and our Data Centres were not directly linked but to be sure our members investments were protected we have been forced to cease all mining operations with immediate effect and transfer all remaining BTC (Approx $3,500,000) to a new secure wallet as we can't be 100% sure the hackers won't be able to get access to your investments eventually.
We have been able to recover a partial backup containing our final full days transactions/payouts along with our customer database and wish to refund as many of our customers as possible but we fear this might not be possible as we suspect the hacker/hackers may of been clients who accessed our domain via fake customer accounts they had setup so the only way we can resolve the matter is as follows:
(Customers will be refunded strictly on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis, when the secured funds are gone, they are gone) .
Please carefully take note of the EXACT amount of the last confirmed BTC payment you received from us dated 26th June 2016. Please send this EXACT amount of BTC to the below secure wallet address - please include with the payment notes your registered email address for Hashocean (DO NOT SEND ACCOUNT PASSWORD)


We will cross reference your payment and email address with our backup records and as long as they match we will then refund that payment along with your investment back to your accounts registered wallet.(We estimate the process to take no longer than 72Hrs from receipt of your payment to processing of refund)
 Please note we will only be refunding the funds you invested plus any re-invested funds, we will not be refunding any sign-up/referral/bonus funds at this time - we think this is the fairest approach so as to refund as many of our loyal investors as possible, if after this process is complete there are any funds remaining we will then start the process of refunding any referral/bonus funds, again on a first come, first served basis - watch this page for updates. Finally please be extra careful with your account details, we have been informed of a number of fake websites etc. that have been set up using our name and tricking people into disclosing their wallet details, email address and passwords -
 PLEASE do not send any of your personal details to anyone ever by unsecured methods such as email or website. 

Team Hashocean


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