Author Topic: Suggestions for basement cooling with multiple Antminer S1 rigs  (Read 4144 times)

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I have a number of Antminer S1 rigs in my basement which was actually a heat-induced blessing during Winter (I am in Ohio). Now that summer is on our heels that cool basement is trending into the upper 70s and low 80s in temperature ... and it hasn't even hit 80 degrees outside yet.

What suggestions or tactics have others used to cool an underground, tight, close space? I do have two small windows but just opening them is not enough to really circulate the air around.

I've researched evaporative coolers, but not been impressed with reviews. I've contemplated two small windows fans that blow the heat outside, but am concerned that won't work on days of high humidity when keeping the basement shut is actually probably the best thing for all considered. I've though about rigging up dryer vents that would blow the air to the outside ... but that feels extreme and difficult.

Last, I hunted around for anyone that has done liquid-based immersive cooling, but could not find any details.

I'm sure the rigs will survive the summer, but I'm looking to minimize impact on the overall A/C condition and cost for my house. The more I can get the basement under control the less the A/C will be fighting the system and/or working harder as the heat slowly leaves the basement for the rest of the home.

The good news is that even while the room air is warm in the basement the floor is still stone cold. As no one ever goes to the basement I thought about pulling the Antminers down off their racks and putting them directly on the floor, but not sure what good that would do. Floor is concrete (unfinished, open basement).

Any suggestions?


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Re: Suggestions for basement cooling with multiple Antminer S1 rigs
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2014, 02:22:24 AM »
I'm on Ohio as well, and my basement is getting warmer, too.    I don't have any specific suggestions. I think trying to use the concrete to pull the heat away is a neat idea, but you would have to have a good thermal transfer agent, and concrete is so dirty and porous that might be hard.


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