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Author Topic: What can BIT TEAM offer?  (Read 127 times)

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What can BIT TEAM offer?
« on: March 18, 2020, 12:04:05 PM »

What can BIT.TEAM offer

BIT.TEAM is a service that was created so that people can freely buy or sell cryptocurrency without intermediaries and with the ability to set their own market price.

Intuitive and simple design, convenient and safe service - this is the company's philosophy.

But let's find out together what this service can

1. What you can do with this platform?

We already partially answered this question. The service positions itself as P2P  i.e. peer to peer (equal to equal). The platform is open for bidding and everyone can register to take part in the trading life of the service.

2. How can you deal with this platform?

Actually, there are three main categories.
- Cryptocurrency
- Just the currency with which you work comfortable.
- payment system.

So first things first.

Cryptocurrency. And here is a list of what they work with at BIT.TEAM.

We think everything is clear without a detailed interpretation. But regarding the list of conventional currencies, you definitely shouldn't worry.

It includes the world's popular currencies and payment methods (banks, electronic money), with a probability of 99%, you definitely work with at least one of them.

And the last is payment systems. Their list is quite large. In short, we can see a lot of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan big banks.Support for large international payment systems such as PayPal and Payoneer. And of course, company works with Visa and Mastercard. We are sure that in 99% of cases you won’t have problems.

3. How are tenders arranged?

Functional trading on the service is simple and this is very good.

Every person who wants to sell or buy cryptocurrency can freely post their offer and conditions on the site or contact another user by responding to his ad.
You see the prices with which a person is ready to work, his limit, preferred payment systems, currency, seller’s rating on the site and his transaction history.

If the price is good and you are ready to make a purchase, you can create an individual offer and send it to the seller due to the convenient calculator of the currency price.

The service has created many levels of security for your transaction.User rating, several verification steps; all this things in total allows you to choose the most optimal and safe offer on the market.

4.What else can I do with BIT.TEAM?

The company’s services group includes two more projects.


TOKEN.BIT.TEAM - provides an opportunity for each user to purchase BIT.TEAM platform tokens, which pay for the commission of the service.

MARKET.BIT.TEAM is a marketplace (P2P store) where any user can create their own ad or online store and sell goods or services for cryptocurrencies around the world.

Everything is quite simple. But let's talk more about the functionality of the service.

The refferal program!

To become a member of the referral program is quite simple. The partner you invited must make deals or buy tokens so that you can receive referral bonuses in the form of interest.

BIT.TEAM has two types of referral programs:

1. Bonus for the purchase of tokens by a partner.

2. Bonus for transactions conducted by the partner.

In the first case, the remuneration is:

1 line - 5%

2 line - 3%

3 line - 1%

In the second case:

1 line - 25% of the service commission

2nd line - 15% of the service commission

3 line - 10% of the service commission

Service BIT.TEAM - is a comfortable, modern, and most reliable way to deal with cryptocurrency trade.


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