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Author Topic: 2014-05-01 ContrarianCompliance: May 1 Crypto-Timeline with risk news on Bitcoin  (Read 1174 times)

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Here is a log with relevant legal, regulatory, law enforcement and business risk milestones in the race of crypto-currencies to maturity with links to trusted sources.[/font][/size]
[/color]Phew.  Short month, but no shortage of shocking news in February!
[/color]The Key APRIL 2014 Crypto-Events were:[/font][/size][/color]
    • 4/9/14 – National Australia Bank turns back on Bitcoin, closes accounts
    • [/color]
      For ease of tracking I've decided on the following discrete categories to classify all events:[/color]
    • Banking: Refers to decisions made or stances taken by banks and other traditional financial institutions with respect to crypto-ventures, including adopting a digital currency strategy and banking operators
    • Businesses: Includes decisions made by operators and businesses as a result of regulatory pressure or other risks facing them, as well as overall market-related news
    • Enforcement Actions: Includes actual law enforcement actions on virtual currency operators anywhere in the world
    • Rules & Regs: Refers to decisions made or stances taken by regulators, supervisors and policy-makers around the world
    Please point me to any events that you consider important and would like to see on the log.


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