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Title: Bitcoinica joins forces with Bitcoin Consultancy
Post by: on April 25, 2012, 12:26:59 AM
Bitcoinica joins forces with Bitcoin Consultancy

April 24, 2012

It's a "big news" week at Bitcoinica. After announcing our corporate reorganization as a registered Financial Services Provider, we'd like to share another big announcement. Going forward, Bitcoinca will be managed and operated by the well known Bitcoin Consultancy team.

Bitcoin Consultancy has been an influential force for bitcoin since its early days. Founders Donald Norman, Patrick Strateman and Amir Taaki are well known for their contributions to bitcoin open source, public outreach, and special efforts to encourage best practices in online security.

The Bitcoin Consultancy team will be responsible for the daily operations of Bitcoinica, including customer support, compliance and new features. We have some amazing improvements in the works that we know our customers will love.

As Bitcoinica's founder I will continue to be involved in Bitcoinica, both aiding in the operational transition and as an ongoing contributor the long-term vision for Bitcoinica.

I have enjoyed our journey together and look forward to exciting times ahead.

Zhou Tong

Bitcoinica operates one of the most popular Bitcoin trading platforms, with advanced features such as margin trading, short selling and stop orders. Bitcoin users can use Bitcoinica to trade Bitcoins, exchange currencies and receive interests on deposits.

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