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Author Topic: NSFW: Reddit Women Are Getting Naked for Bitcoins  (Read 5033 times)

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NSFW: Reddit Women Are Getting Naked for Bitcoins

The future of sexuality is here, and boy it's predictably sad and weird: girls stripping for Bitcoin tips, a virtual currency that's not really worth anything. Start mining yer coins, boys! Welcome to GirlsGoneBitcoin.

Of course, as FWD's Katie Notopoulos reports, this is taking place on Reddit. Where else would the pretense of paying via super-encrypted pseudo-currency be a turn on.

The concept is simple: girls (or guys, occasionally!) upload photos of themselves stripping down. Want to see more, big boy? Pony up. Their Bitcoin addresses are posted alongside, allowing you to donate internet funny money to get to the money shot. Some sample sexy requests!

I'd like to buy a buttplug or some beads with my bitcoins! What do you think?

Moar boobs! Even moar inside.

(F) Jeans and Bra Part 2 (Bitcoin exclusive) P.S I know there is laundry on the floor :P

All the sexiness of Reddit, with all the ease of Bitcoin.

Strangely, many of the BitCoinersGoneWild are already about as wild as it can get—legs (and more) spread, clothes off, straight up naked. What's the incentive there? Bitcoins as a thank you? Thank you for providing yet another poorly-lit amateur self shot? Nevermind that Reddit already provides a massive repository of porn pics that don't require a byzantine "tipping" system—this is all about power.

Or at least the illusion of power—the same sensation that creepy-faced loser at the strip club feels when he reaches forward with a crumpled one, amplified by the mob lecherousness of Reddit. At least this gives Bitcoin enthusiasts something more to do with their reserves than buy guns and heroin. [Reddit (NSFW, duh) via FWD]

"Your keys, your Bitcoin. Not your keys, not your Bitcoin." (Andreas Antonopoulos)
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