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StormGain has launched trading signals for crypto

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StormGain has launched trading signals for crypto

The cryptocurrency platform StormGain, the official sponsor of the Newcastle United Football Club, has launched a trading signal service for its registered clients.
Trading signals do not require special skills and are available to all StormGain traders. Simply open the “Markets” section in the StormGain application and select the appropriate cryptocurrency for trading.
On the chart of this cryptocurrency, there will be a “Signal” button. After clicking on it, you will receive information about the best direction for opening a deal, about the sum of money and a multiplier to use in this deal. In addition, the signal description will contain information about the stop-loss and take-profit levels that are suitable for this trade. After clicking on the “Use Signal” button, you just need to confirm your choice on the next screen.
StormGain CEO Alex Althausen said: “We are pleased to offer the most useful service for cryptocurrency enthusiasts - trading signals. Thanks to this service, everyone can get notifications about the most interesting opportunities available on the market. Making a profit with cryptocurrencies becomes easier with trading signals”.

With trading signals, beginners and experienced crypto traders do not need to spend a lot of time analysing the market situation. Trading signals are all that is needed to get the most relevant information on popular cryptocurrencies and make profitable deals on cryptos. And even if you don’t know how to trade, you can learn about trading directly through the StormGain application.
Register on StormGain and get access to trading signals right now!

About StormGain

The cryptocurrency trading platform StormGain was launched in the summer of 2019, by a team with many years of experience in finance and technology. StormGain is also an official sleeve partner of Newcastle United FC, one of the leading EPL clubs. 
StormGain key benefits:
•   Free SWAPs for day traders and fixed number of overnight SWAPs.
•   Low commission on trades.
•   Quick and easy registration.
•   Liquidity - 100%, 24/7 trading on every instrument offered and access through mobile and desktop.
•   Up to 1:100 multiplier.
•   Clear and transparent commissions for cryptocurrency exchanges.

Legal Disclaimer: StormGain Signals is not a service to provide legal and financial advice; any information provided here is only the suggestion made by automated algorithm (not advice or financial advice in any sense, and in the sense of any act, ordinance or law of any country) and must not be used for financial activities. No method or trading system ensures that it will generate a profit, so always remember that trade can lead to a loss. Trading responsibility, whether resulting in profits or losses, is yours and you must agree not to hold StormGain Signals or other information providers that are responsible in any way whatsoever.

StormGain has launched demo accounts for crypto traders

The StormGain crypto trading platform, the official sponsor of Newcastle United Football Club, provides the opportunity for traders to use demo accounts.

Using demo accounts is completely free and does not require special knowledge. Demo accounts are funded with 50,000 USDT (Tether, equal to 1 USD), that one can use to try trading with StormGain. The functionality of demo accounts is totally similar to that of real accounts. You can set both a market and a pending order, set a stop-loss and take-profit, as well as turn on the deal volume auto-increase system.  It will allow you to avoid closing your deal after a margin call, when the loss is close to 50%, if you have funds in your account.

StormGain CEO Alex Althausen said: “Demo accounts are a traditional instrument of the financial market. With this feature StormGain will be able to protect it’s traders from losses that are caused by lack of experience on cryptocurrency market”.

One of the interesting features of demo accounts is the ability to set various alerts. They will allow you to constantly be aware of what is happening on the cryptocurrency market. Thanks to the quick process when opening accounts, you can start using a demo account in seconds, and when you fully master the platform’s functionality, you can switch to a real account in just a few clicks.

Demo accounts will be useful for both novice traders and those who have cryptocurrency trading experience. Everyone can try crypto trading without having to deposit their own funds, in other words, there is no financial risk. On demo accounts, you can use the multiplier up to 1:100, which provides various opportunities for testing your strategies. Another important factor is that if you don’t have any experience in trading cryptos, you can learn how to trade in special educational part directly in the StormGain application.

Use all of the opportunities that are available to you! Start with demo accounts on the StormGain cryptocurrency platform and become a successful cryptocurrency trader!

About StormGain
The cryptocurrency trading platform StormGain was launched in the summer of 2019, by a team with many years of experience in finance and technology. In late summer 2019, StormGain became a Newcastle United FC sponsor, one of the leading EPL clubs. 

StormGain key benefits:
Free SWAPs for day traders and fixed number of overnight SWAPs.
Low commission on trades, and transparent commissions for exchange.
Quick and easy registration.
Liquidity - 100%, 24/7 trading on every instrument offered and access through mobile and desktop.
Up to 1:100 multiplier.

Earn 10% interest on your crypto deposits with StormGain!
We’re glad to announce an absolutely new era of making money on your crypto assets. Starting on 28 October, 2019, StormGain clients will receive guaranteed interest on their deposits equivalent or higher than 100 USDT.
Traditional crypto trading is highly profitable, but also requires crypto traders to take quite high risks. StormGain aims to make the cryptocurrency market more attractive for everyone and to provide maximum opportunities for making profit. That is why we are launching this great new feature that will allow one to increase their savings with a 10% annual interest, absolutely without any risks.
How to earn interest with StormGain
Your investments are an driving factor in the StormGain investment lifecycle. To begin, your deposits allow StormGain clients to trade with a multiplier.  For example, if a trader has 1000 USDT, our platform will permit them to open a deal for 5000 USDT using investors money. Of course, this opportunity is not free for traders - a fee is charged for the use of borrowed funds. On average, depending on the instrument and type of trade, the fee is 14% per annum, while 10% of it is given back to you, the investors, as the interest. The cycle is then closed with your return in interest on your investement.

Get guaranteed profit on your deposits in 4 simple steps:
Download the StormGain app for iOS or Android or register your account here.
Apply for the interest rate.
Deposit at least 100 USDT on your StormGain account.
Start making money with StormGain, official sleeve sponsor of Newcastle United FC.

Earn crypto interest
The interest will be calculated daily on the amount of all crypto in wallets and in trade. The earned interest rate will be paid in USDT to your account. Seize the opportunity today to increase your crypto investments!
Read the terms and conditions: Promo rules

StormGain up for Best Multi-Asset Trading Platform with Finance Magnates Awards
We’re glad to announce that cutting-edge crypto trading platform StormGain, the official sponsor of Newcastle United Football Club, takes part in Finance Magnates Awards. Vote for us and enter a raffle to win 500 USDT.
StormGain is a new, but a promising crypto trading platform, that allows everyone to easily enter a cryptocurrency market. We have a vast amount of features that aims to let everyone to become a successful crypto trader. One can use trading signals, technical analysis, educational materials, demo accounts  and other features that will let your crypto assets bring you profit. Even the ones who just want to hold crypto can earn 10% interest on their deposits.
Vote for the most traded-friendly crypto currency trading platform in the following categories, if you are attending the event!
Voting is open on Finance Magnates until 1 November, 2019.
Once you've voted, head to our StormGain app, and register using promo code FMD to enter the raffle to win 500 USDT.

You should buy BMC that's the only signal


--- Quote from: rockermax on October 31, 2019, 09:51:55 PM ---You should buy BMC that's the only signal

--- End quote ---

You think it'd go up?
Now you can instantNow you can instantly buy crypto via bank card with StormGain

The StormGain trading platform with multiplier now provides new opportunities to purchase cryptocurrencies with fiat money, using your credit or debit card.

Now one can instantly fund an account in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies on StormGain in a straight-forward and easy fashion.

How to buy Bitcoin with bank card?
1.   If you want to buy cryptocurrencies, simply choose a cryptocurrency type and select “Deposit”.
2.   Next, a modal window will open where you’ll choose the option “Buy cryptocurrency using credit or debit card”.

You’ll then be redirected to the payment system site, where you’ll need to enter your bank card details. After processing the payment, your funds will be automatically converted into the cryptocurrency you’ve chosen at the current exchange rate. The cryptocurrency you’ve bought will be stored on your account at StormGain, official sponsor of Newcastle United, a leading English Premier League football club.

You can fund your account both in the web version as well as iOS and Android versions of the StormGain trading and exchange platform.

This is the opporunity you’ve been waiting for - a simple and easy way to buy crypto, thanks to the user friendly interface of the StormGain   trading platform and the ability to purchase cryptocurrency with a bank card!


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