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[ANN] - Coinjoin your bitcoin
« on: November 23, 2021, 12:03:51 PM »

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What is
JoinMix is a website that makes coinjoining bitcoin easy with other users.
It is not another bitcoin tumbler.

This project was inspired by Wasabi Wallet.

Official domains:

Service address: 1JoinMixZaWPR9RUB7zJt2mtL7mP8KKEj3

How does it work?
On website there are 4 coinjoin pools available (1.0 BTC, 0.1 BTC, 0.01 BTC, 0.001 BTC).

1) Select pool with btc amount you wish to coinjoin, enter your output address.
2) You will get receive bitcoin address where you should send exact pool bitcoin amount.
3) Save guarantee letter provided by us.

At midnight GMT your bitcoin will be coinjoined automatically with other users.

No Logs Policy
After successful coinjoin all identifying information is deleted.

What are coinjoin fees?
Coinjoin fees are based on BTC amount you wish to coinjoin:
0.001 BTC - fixed 2.5%
0.01 BTC - fixed 1%
0.1 BTC - 0.005% per anonymity set
1.0 BTC - 0.005% per anonymity set
Launch promotion: No coinjoin fees from Nov. 23rd - 30th

There are no additonal fees. (Transaction fees are covered by us)
On website there is calculator where you can check your fees.

How to contact JoinMix?
JoinMix has contact form, you can send us message there.
If your contact reason is valid Admin will email you back.

***************************** FAQ *****************************
What is anonymity set aka "anon set"?
The anonymity set is effectively the size of the group you are hiding in.

If 6 people take part in a CoinJoin (0.1 BTC Pool) and there are 6 outputs then each of those output coins has an anonymity set of 6.

    0.1 BTC (Alice)                         0.09997 BTC (Anon set 6)
    0.1 BTC (Bob)                          0.09997 BTC(Anon set 6)
    0.1 BTC (Charlie)                      0.09997 BTC (Anon set 6)
    0.1 BTC (Vladimir)       --->       0.09997 BTC (Anon set 6)
    0.1 BTC (Ivan)                          0.09997 BTC (Anon set 6)
    0.1 BTC (Pavel)                         0.09997 BTC (Anon set 6)

There is no way to know which of the anon set output coins are owned by which of the input owners. All an observer knows is that a specific anon set output coin is owned by one of the owners of one of the input Coins i.e. 6 people - hence an anonymity set of 6..

Do you have example coinjoin transaction?
Here you can see example coinjoin transaction done by JoinMix 0.001 Pool.

Are there any additional transaction fees that are not displayed?
There are no transaction or "address" fees.
Fees you see in calculator are only fees.
You pay percent and we cover transaction cost.

What happens when minimum coinjoin users are not filled?
Your bitcoin will be rolled over to next coinjoin period.

When do coinjoin transactions run?
In beginning phase coinjoins will run once a day (midnight GMT) for maximum anon set.
When more users start using website we will run coinjoins multiple times a day.

When will coinjoin transaction confirm?
JoinMix sets coinjoin transaction fee enough to confirm in next block at the time of broadcast.

I have sent my bitcoin, when will it be coinjoined?
Your input transaction needs to have 6 or more confirmations.
After it is confirmed it will be coinjoined on first next coinjoin.

Why use you and not other web mixers/tumblers?
Our fees are alot lower.
With thumblers/mixers you get other persons bitcoin in single transaction / multi transactions.
We do not tumble bitcoin, we coinjoin your bitcoin with other users.

Do you keep logs?
No. Identifying coinjoin information is deleted shorty after successful coinjoin.

What is your server security?
We use dedicated server in offshore location. Server is encrypted, firewalled...
TOR v3 address is available for this website.

Do you rely on any third party service?
JoinMix does not rely on any third party service for coinjoin process.
We run our own full node to confirm and broadcast transactions.
All addresses are generated by us, transactions signed by us etc.

Why use you and not Wasabi Wallet?
Wasabi wallet is awesome, use it if you want.
This project was inspired by Wasabi Wallet.
Some benefits over Wasabi:
  • No long wait time by computer waiting for coinjoin.
  • No failed coinjoins and wasted time waiting for next coinjoin.
  • Wasabi breaks down amount to ~0.1 for maximum anon set. With us you can select bigger pool (1 BTC for example).
  • Wasabi smallest coinjoin output is 0.1 , with us you can select smaller pools like 0.01 and 0.001 BTC
  • No "change" coins leftover.
Will you create other amount pools?
If there is big interest we plan to create 5 or 10 BTC pool.

What is correct way to send bitcoin to you?
Send your bitcoin in single transaction with exact amount for selected pool.
Valid Example: For 0.1 BTC Pool, send exactly 0.1 BTC in single transaction.
Do not send 0.05 btc in single transaction then another 0.05 btc in second transaction.
Do not send 0.11 BTC in single transaction.

I have by mistake sent wrong bitcoin amount, what now?
Don't worry. Contact us and your bitcoin will be returned.

Launch promotion: No coinjoin fees from Nov. 23rd - 30th

Feel free to try our service and post your experience in the comments!

If you have any other questions please ask :) - CoinJoin your Bitcoin


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