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Hey my friends,
I would like to present you new bitcoin service. newbielink: [nonactive] is here to double or increase your amount of bitcoins.

The basic idea is this:
- You will find cool offers on this website. Every offer is multiplied by specified multiplier after every buy.
- Your invested Bitcoins are always transmitted to the previous buyer
- This rule works perfectly since large number of people have Bitcoins and they always want to increase amount of money.
- After you buy an offer, you will get receiving bitcoin address. You have to send bitcoins there in 24 hours, otherwise buy is cancelled.
- It is safe, because customers funds are stored in an offline cold wallet
- Here is one example:

Offer with multiplier 2x
1. Dave buys 1 BC offer. Offer is automatically increased to 2 BC.
2. Steven buys 2 BC offer. Offer is automatically increased to 4 BC. Dave gets 2 BC to his Bitcoin Address
3. Dave buys again 4 BC offer. Offer is automatically increased to 8 BC. Steven gets 4 BC to his Bitcoin Address
4. Kim buys 8 BC offer. Offer is automatically increased to 16 BC. Dave gets 8 BC to his Bitcoin Address

Offer is not selling ?
No problem. Your offer will be divided into smaller parts after 2 weeks.

There is also created Affiliate Program. Why should you join ?
Affiliate program is a win-win for both the merchant and the affiliate. You will get 10% of all earned bitcoins of your referred clients. The payment can be made only when your account balance reaches 0.05 BTC or more.

Any questions, comments, criticisms or concerns are more than welcome and greatly appreciated!


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