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Author Topic: Bitcoin bonus concept, make bitcoins commonly used  (Read 5743 times)

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Bitcoin bonus concept, make bitcoins commonly used
« on: April 26, 2012, 10:21:24 PM »

I have developed a concept, there will bring bitcoins to common customers.
A normal bonus system for buying products at a hardware distributor will be paid out in bitcoins, and it will afterwards be possible for the customers to pay normal netshops with bitcoins thru this portal.
The bonus concept can of curse can used globally, but I will start using it in Denmark. For a start I estimate that it will bring $100.000 to $200.000 in bitcoins out among people who do not even know about bitcoins today, as I can see this alone will raise the value of bitcoins to about $5.5 from the current $5.1, when I have to buy the bitcoins on the marked. To live I could buy a lot of bitcoins to myself, and live of the raise in value  ::) , but that would require a huge seed capital.
To make this project a success, I need a sales person, and I need to spend most of my time to make documentation, updates, and other material to bring this concept out in the public.
When this bonus concept start running, a lot of bitcoins will be spread to thousands of people, and some of them will learn about bitcoins, and all of them will hold an amount of bitcoins, and the bitcoins will be acquired from the marked, and this will raise the value of bitcoins.

Contributions will make it possible to work on this instead of my regular job, and it will be reality faster.

If you are interested in brig this concept in action somewhere else, you are welcome to contact me.

support: 1DpYGBqErFCLfCX1X8EcW6qcdYCq68b6cR

BR, Casper


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