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« on: October 08, 2015, 02:27:37 PM »
I created this site to help advocates get connected with such people to help increase BitCoin adoption and to share knowledge about what are the usability issues which could cause one to hesitate and how to handle them.[/size]This is the first initiative to help increase BitCoin adoption among those people who just hesitated because of BitCoin usability issues.We're fundraising!The aim is to build a huge community around this site and develop many helpful features to connect BitCoin advocates and wannabe adopters, and we are commited to help advocates to do the best job to spread BitCoin awareness. Every bit helps a lot and donating is a great way to try out how great is BitCoin for micro-donations. (We won’t be offended if it wasn’t ‘micro’)Be the first to trade with our currency, which’s price will be bound to the success of this initiative! It will be launched once we are ready with major features, and we will inform donors first.It would be great to discuss what you think about this initiative!bitcoinmovement.rocksTwitter: @bitcoinmovement


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