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Hello all!

I would like to create a fun online Bitcoin game that allows players the possibility of winning large sums of btc for a relatively small investment. Unfortunately I do not have the funds to go ahead with development at this point, which is why I opted to use crowd-funding to get the project started.

Please take a look at the link below and consider donating any sum of btc if you find the concept interesting and would like to see it materialize:

newbielink: [nonactive]

Here is the description of the project:


The game concept is simple. All registered users who wish to play have to contribute a bitcoin amount of their choosing to a collective pool called the “bubble”. The bubble has a pre-determined maximum size and collapses (“bursts”) once the limit is reached.

The user whose contribution caused the bubble to burst wins 25% of the value of the entire bubble at its peak worth. The four users directly before the first place winner, who added to the bubble get to collect 10%, 5%, 3% and 2%, respectively. These are the second, third, fourth and fifth place awards.

The house collects 5% and the remaining 50% of the bubble's worth spills over to kick-start the next round. If you don't win, half of your investment is still alive in the consequent bubble, allowing you a chance to get it back! Any investments made after the bursting point also spill over to the following bubble, which begins to grow right away!

This is the only game where users have the chance to win large sums of btc by investing micro-amounts. The more players join, the more fun and lucrative the game will be!

The mechanics of the gameplay and the cryptocurrency transactions (payouts) will be entirely automated, highly secure and without fault.


The approximate calculated costs for this project will run to ~20 btc, but the funding will need to be used in increments, so there is no set target amount. Please see milestones below!

First Milestone - 4 btc

If we get to 4 btc, it means there is considerable interest in the game. Once this stage of funding is reached, there will be a major update of the game documentation, with plenty of detail surrounding the gameplay, along with technical details surrounding the payout system and the online wallet functionality.

At this point it will also become clear exactly how much the total development cost will be, and whether an extension will be needed.

Second Milestone - 10 btc

At this point full-time development will begin due to the considerable apparent interest in the game, and the high likelihood that the final funding goal will be reached. Another update will be published, allowing users to see a more polished version of what the final game will resemble.

Third Milestone - 20+ btc

Once the final goal is reached, development will have already started well in advance, with a few months left of development time. A final timeline of the project completion will be posted so that users will know when to expect the rollout.


1. The size of each bubble is dynamically calculated based on a secret formula which takes into account the number of players, the amount they invest, and adds a small measure of randomness.

2. The user interface will be graphically sleek and functional, allowing players to see the growth or deflation of the current bubble in real-time, and to invest or withdraw btc from the bubble. See image for interface prototype but keep in mind that this is preliminary and will undergo changes.

3. Registration will be free, quick, and easy. Users will have to transfer a btc amount to their game wallet, from which they can play the game.

4. The interface will feature a live chatroom where investors can talk, taunt or try to fool their opponents.


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