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« on: September 05, 2019, 12:08:46 PM »

Hello! Here we are proud to present you Flyhodler.
FlyHodler is the best we could come up in the cloud mining industry. The usual model is a long-term investment with unpredictable result,profit or loss. What about always being at a profit? That's what we think should always happen! With HODL contracts, you can withdraw ALL your initial investment, plus mining income! It works as a bank deposit. You can top-up and withdraw your deposit, and your hashrate changes accordingly.

How to start with Flyhodler?
Easy steps to start Deposit Cloud Mining:
  • Sign up
  • Purchase a contract by putting your funds on hold
  • We do mining for you, and you get your mining income
  • Mining/service fee is deducted from the mining income
  • Income minus fees is your daily profit
  • You get your first payout (mining profit) the next day after start
  • You can cancel the contract without any penalties, withdraw all funds on hold at any moment and stop mining
Why Flyhodler?

  • Mining starts immediately after the payment. The first withdrawal can be made in as soon as 24 hours.
  • With a press of a single button you can withdraw bitcoins and receive them on your wallet. There is no minimum on withdrawal. We do withdrawals only once in 24 hours to make the service even cheaper.

  • Get detailed statistics of your account at any moment
  • No hidden fees. Every electricity charge is visible in the control panel.

*to hodl bitcoin - to hold it no matter what

  • At the moment, 16NM Bitmain is the fastest and most effecient chip ever produced
  • Other cloud mining services make you pay fees with your bitcoins, so you sell them at the lowest price. That destroys the whole idea of mining... We allow you to keep a separate balance in fiat money so you can hodl like a pro!
So, now it’s time to get to our site and calculate your future daily withdrawals.
We are glad to answer all your questions here and in chat on our site.


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