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Author Topic: Here’s everything to do in Coins2Learn’s trading simulator.  (Read 205 times)

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Simulate trades with 90+ coins in a Market that imports live data from real exchanges.
Monetize your knowledge by selling trading signals to become a Mentor, or subscribe to them to profit as much as successful users by enabling our Copy My Mentor feature, which automatically replicates their moves in a real exchange.

Challenge yourself and your friends in Leagues and win prizes for proving you’re the best and earning real money.

Share what you know or raise your doubts to have them cleared up on the Social Feed — then, share your referral link to invite friends and profit from it.

Complete achievement quests to gain XP and level up, in the game and in life.

If you want to start your journey to success with cryptocurrencies, search and join Coins2Learn for free.


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