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Author Topic: Massive bit coin farm starting.  (Read 2627 times)

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Massive bit coin farm starting.
« on: June 03, 2013, 08:40:59 AM »
First off id would like to start off saying hello. Im 20 years old live in the Northern California of americaaaa sorry i just couldn't resist. Ive have been doing bit coin mining since about the time it showed up on black hack forums. With this is this right or wrong? Post then the post was taken down because it was lets so no one wanted to take flack for this new and great idea that was showing up every where. To me i believe all people should be in control of there money not our countries. Granted i would love to pay my tax's if they were being used correctly. So i started off with one rig i made about 2 coins a month then a saved for a new rig and soon here comes butterfly labs ohhh you sneaky sneaky bastards. They have made it so mining is so much more easier these days. Granted pools are okay i'm fine with them but i want to be able to do solo and get most the profit. Greedy yes and no means more profit for me and the parties involved.

So this is what I'm advertising i have Enuff money for about six 50ghash butterflylab miners im looking to have about 10-15 of them i know there about twenty-five hundred each. Why should you invest well here is my well thought out plan.

My selling points.
1. All power bills handled by me.
2. Updated photo of earning every 12 hours.
3. 24 hour number to call me at all hours of the day.
4. Being able to know me on a personal level. I mean you just give your money to investors and what all you know is the dudes name is BOB and there is about a big ass chance your about to lose all your money.
5. Well With bitcoin you lose no money you will be paid back in full for what you gave to start this up and gain profit every week.
6. You will see your money each week. No by weekly crap or at the end of the month.
7. Need your money Upfrount well i'm willing to allow that if you have pressing bills that need to be paid like asap.
8. We will being doing pooling and soloing along side my other rigs that are not from butter fly labs.
9. You will have my personal skype.
10. The money that we make we can put in to get more miners, adding to the income.
11. You are allowed to stay anonymous.
12. I will give you my real info so you can run a background check.
13. You will having the tracking number on the items so you know when they hit there destination.

Liability and options:
1. If it comes to were bit coin is outlawed i will take full Responsibility.
2. You can choose to stay anonymous.
3. All info will be kept in a safe so your information safe.
4. Payment options: paypal, bitcoin, banktranfer. If you have a credit source you would like to use id be fine using it Aslong as its not shaddy.
5. If you ever want to back out of course the first month you will get your money back but you will be payed for the whole month.
6. There will being a percent of who gets what each month, baised on who gives how much. You will also get a %of the butterfly labs im using my money on.

1. There is a risk of the miners stop do to weather, human error such as hitting poles and power boxes. But the power issue isn't a problem a have a power backup last for 48 hours.
2. Bit coin could possibly become regulated someday and taxed so its better to get this done earlier before it gets anymore popular.
3. Well from what i understand that's about the only downside of bit coins well risk wise.

So feel free to email me at [EDITED] if you want to have a personal conversation.
Ill be willing to show you the funds for this project that have already come in so you know its a serious investment.

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This person does not own this email so stop harassing my family this person hacked and used our email too do bad things.

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Re: Massive bit coin farm starting.
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2013, 10:13:40 PM »
This post was made by someone who hacked my sons email, and used it too scam also do other things with it i would like this post taken down since you can't edit a post.... which is stupid who has even heard of that. Before my 12 year old son starts being harassed threw email i would like this account taken down. I made this email account for him to use with xbox live that's it and its been miss used to hack, lie,cheat and steal from people I would like the post taken down so my family is not harassed for something they were not apart of. There is now a pending police investigation trying to find this person.
This person does not own this email so stop harassing my family this person hacked and used our email too do bad things.


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