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Author Topic: P2P Crypt - Turnkey solution for open source secure communications.  (Read 1732 times)

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The Peer 2 Peer Crypt project (Official Website)

The P2P Crypt project is ran by volunteers, there is no money, the only investment there is -- Freedom.
As of right now there is a lot of work being done, resources being donated, etc The project stands that it made a prototype in 2011 in python with a portable device solution and it turns out that the portable device would be flawed with out a peer to peer key server. So now the current goal at hand is not to manufacture the device but to provide what the world needs right now. A peer to peer key server that is open-source, free to use, free to distribute, free to change, and most importantly can be used with incentives (such as Bitcoin) to keep the network running.

To elaborate on incentives: Anyone can use to run a "paid subscription" keyserver node or a "free node". The free nodes will probubly be spammed to death and attacked more than paid nodes(paid nodes can prioritize paid clients ip addresses over attacking ip addresses). Even though P2P crypt protocal will require a "hashcash" priority system resources still cost, such as the electricity to run the servers. I digress, Paid nodes will facilitate clients with relaying/storing already encrypted messages, that goes for text, images, video and even streaming, I think that some subscribers could even change the p2p crypt server software to relay game data(up to 2 hops) for anonymous game play especially if the bandwidth increases for the same cost its more than likely that could be in our future.

The team has personally developed up to v0.0.11 in GTK/C; Which that version allowed users to generate/load identities, and send and receive encrypted text messages. In the mean time, research has been observing that QT/C++ can do everything that the world needs in retrospect as QT can run on every modern platform with the only down side of "recompiling"(obviously some limits such as tablet interaction made need changing a bit but that is expected).

That means we can develop on the Desktop and recompile on iPhone, Android, TVs, etc (referring to the client). The server can be developed with QT as well and have the same capabilities anyone will have the ability to run a small, medium or large keyserver. The beauty of P2P Crypt is that even if you decide not to run a server at all, just using the network for communication will increase the strength as friends of friends can request keypair confirmations of 1 hop.

Its almost like a giant organism that the status of the security is always unknown at a global scale but could be known at a smaller scales meaning that attackers will have to resort to "virtual mugging" by isolating a cellphone or a P2P Crypt portable device, and even then it should be difficult as the attack surface would be limited to "new" communications with that said "victim device".

Any-ways I really need to finish this white paper so I can stop rambling but I believe development is more important than explaining the idea.

TLDR; Version
P2P crypt is on its way with basic functions of text messaging.
P2P Crypt will never allow plain text communications so there is no "parinoid feeling" you are either secure or you won't be allowed to connect to the reciepent (just be allowed to read old message histories if you haven't deleted them yet.)
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